One Night, One Summer, One Direction

You know how summer nights are warm and comfortable? Well, that night, felt so right! <3 Join Skylar and her friends Luna, Mylstia, and Nicole as they meet 5 amazing, talented, cute, and really sweet boys, that changed their lives!


7. Was it a dream?

"Harry! I hate you!!! NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!!!," Nicole shouted at me. I don't want my girlfriend to hate me!! "AHHHHH!!!!," I said, waking up. Was it a dream? Was she okay? I ran downstairs, hoping to find everybody sitting down at the counter, drinking coffee. It didn't work. But I did see Liam and Mylstia sitting there, on the couch. "Harry, why?" I looked at her, "What?" She stood up, "Why did you almost kiss Skylar?" I sighed, "So it wasn't a dream." She shook her head, "Harry. Do you love Nicole?" I nodded, "More than anything." She smiled, "Go." I looked at her confused, "Huh?" "Go see her. The doctors said she would wake up in about an hour. You need to be there. And say sorry to Sky." I nodded, and darted off outside. I got in the car, and ran to her room. I sat down beside her bed, and grabbed her hand, "It's okay, babe. I'm here. I love you. I'm sorry, about last night. I don't know what got into my head," I looked over to Skylar, then continued talking, "she isn't you. I don't want her. I want you." I kissed her forehead. Her hand twitched, "DOCTOR!! I THINK SHE'S WAKING UP!" The doctor came in, "Nicole. Nicole, can you hear me?" She nodded. "That's my girl," I said, smiling. She slowly opened her eyes, "Ha..Harry?" I nodded, "Yes, love. It's me. I'm here. And I'm NOT leaving. EVER! I promise." She smiled, and gave me a kiss on my lips, "Good. I love you."

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