One Night, One Summer, One Direction

You know how summer nights are warm and comfortable? Well, that night, felt so right! <3 Join Skylar and her friends Luna, Mylstia, and Nicole as they meet 5 amazing, talented, cute, and really sweet boys, that changed their lives!


4. The Hospital

Skylar POV~

I went running to her,I was in hysterics when the rest of them showed up. I was unaware of my surroundings, only focused on my BFF,when the ambulance came to pick her up. "Skylar, you need to let Harry ride with her"Niall said gently. I nod and tell her I will see her at the hospital. "She HAS to be okay, somehow, after all we've been through together" I sobbed 

*At the Hospital* 

When Niall and I got to the hospital I rushed to the desk quickly asking where Nicole was, "Nicole Carter!" She pointed up to the elevator, and gave me a pink card. Room 143. Got it. I ran. I to the room, and saw Harry. He was holding her hand, singing 'Gotta Be You.'

Harry POV:

"Don't be scared. I ain't goin' nowhere," a tear fell from my eye. I looked up, and saw Niall and Skylar. I waved, with my free hand.  Skylar hugged me, "Can I please talk to you?" I nodded, and kissed Nicole on the forehead, and walked out.

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