One Night, One Summer, One Direction

You know how summer nights are warm and comfortable? Well, that night, felt so right! <3 Join Skylar and her friends Luna, Mylstia, and Nicole as they meet 5 amazing, talented, cute, and really sweet boys, that changed their lives!


2. The Date

After we got off the ride, the girls were holding hands with the boys. Nicole with the curly one, Luna was hugging the dark haired one, Mylstia was kissing the one with a buzz cut. We walked out, and they all looked at us, with a smile on their faces. One of them walked over to me and introduced everybody, "Hello, love! I'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson, but you can call me Louis, or Lou. That over there is Liam," the boy with Mylstia stopped kissing, and waved. Nicole was standing by the curly one, and said, "This is Harry, but you can call him Hazza, or Harry, or Harold." I giggled. The dark one said, "I'm Zayn, and I like chicken." We all laughed, "I'm Skylar. And this is Nialler. Or Niall." Niall smiled. Nicole yelled, "The plan worked!!" I looked at her, "What?" Mylstia smiled, "We have been dating the guys for about a month. And we wanted to get you two together, because you guys have been lonely." I blushed, and grabbed Niall's hand. Niall looked at everybody, "Date! All of us. Tomorrow at 8:00!" And after that, we rode rides, and Niall won me a teddy bear almost as big as me! Tomorrow is gonna be amazing! :) x

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