One Night, One Summer, One Direction

You know how summer nights are warm and comfortable? Well, that night, felt so right! <3 Join Skylar and her friends Luna, Mylstia, and Nicole as they meet 5 amazing, talented, cute, and really sweet boys, that changed their lives!


8. The Call

Nicole POV: I left the hospital. That's when, I got the call. Harry was driving, and I was in the passenger's side. We were singing 'Irresistible' off their new album, and we were having a really good time. "Hello," I asked? "Nicole. This is Paul. Where is Harry?" I looked at Harry, "He's driving." Paul nodded, "Okay. I'm coming to his house." I raised an eyebrow, "Okay? We'll be there in about 10 minutes. Bye." "Who was that," Harry asked? I hung up, "Paul." He nodded, "Please don't let this be what I think it is." I looked at him, and started singing again.

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