One Night, One Summer, One Direction

You know how summer nights are warm and comfortable? Well, that night, felt so right! <3 Join Skylar and her friends Luna, Mylstia, and Nicole as they meet 5 amazing, talented, cute, and really sweet boys, that changed their lives!


6. He Did WHAT?!?!

Skylar POV: Mylstia saw me in the hallway, "SKY!! What happened?! Is Nicki okay? Where's Harry? And Niall?" I was kinda crying, "Um..Liam. Could you give us a minute?" He nodded, "Sure, love. I'll be in the room." He walked off, and I cried more, "He tried to kiss me, Mylstia!" Her jaw dropped, "HE DID WHAT?!?!?!" I nodded, and cried even more. She hugged me, "Where is he?" I shrugged, "I don't know. I don't care!"

Mylstia POV: I walked up to Nicole's room, "Liam. I need you to drive me somewhere." He stood up, "Where?" I sighed, "Harry and Louis' flat." He nodded, "Why isn't he here?" I shook my head, and grabbed his phone, "Let me text him, and pretend it's you. He may reply if he thought it was you." I sighed and texted:

Hey, mate. Where are you? x

Don't follow me. I don't want anybody to see me x

Why? Where are you? x

I said don't, Liam! x

I'm coming home! x

NO! x

"LIam, something's wrong! Hurry! Go!" I was crying. Harry. If you are thinking about doing what I'm thinking, don't! My heart broke. Our friendship was breaking to pieces! All because of Harry doing something stupid!

*Harry and Louis' flat*

Harry POV: I walked upstairs, and layed down on my bed. I looked over at Nicole and my picture. We were so cute. I remember this. We were at the carnival, and we were in the little photobooth. I can't leave her. She can't leave me. After about 20 minutes of tweeting her, and texting her, praying she would reply, I slowly doozed off to sleep. x

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