how to eat cheese and other things

This story is about how to eat cheese and eat other things. It says almost all in the title. You may even learn how to kill a potato. I love to eat cheese and kill potatoes. Hope you do too.


2. eating tires

 When you are bored you should do this. You will need these supplies though : tires,microwave,fork,knife, and chocolate syrup. Once you have all these supplies we shall begin.  First, take one tire and put it in the microwave. Leave it in the microwave for 8 minutes. Once it is done pick up your knife and fork and cut up the tire. Put it on a plate and then you can add the chocolate syrup. You can add as much as you like.

 If your cooking dessert for everyone in the family just repeat this method until you have enough to fill everyone's plate. Remember this is a very healthy snack and great if your on a diet.




      WARNING : This should not be taken seriously. It was tried by proffesionals and I think I misspelled proffesionals but who really cares. They ended up in a hospital. Do not do this at home do it somewhere else. That is all.


              BYE TOM

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