The Serum Difference

Being Dead, you are either no longer living; deprived of life: dead people; dead flowers;dead animals, brain-dead, not endowed with life; inanimate: dead stones. Resembling death; deathlike: a dead sleep; a dead faint. Bereft of sensation; numb. The state of being dead has an endless possibility of actually being dead. Being Alive, you ARE having a life; not dead: living persons, in actual existence or use; extant, active or thriving; vigorous; strong, burning or glowing, flowing freely. Your heart beats, you feel emotion. What if these were combined? The Living Dead. You don’t feel emotion, only thing flowing through your veins is the serum in which you were infected with, your not allowed to a life, a family. Well that’s how your life is now. The living and the dead.


1. Prologue


The sun’s blinding rays started to split apart the ice frozen to the window, waking me up from a deep slumber. I stretched and checked my watch out of instinct, coming up with the result of the same time that has been shown for the past 7 years. 7 years since the government cut all power. 7 years since the serum was released. 7 years of trying to survive on my own.

I have to admit, as a 13 year old girl when it all happened, I thought I wasn’t going to survive. But looky now, here I am, at 20. Starting to record down what happened, for the future, in case a new civilization is started and they know what really happened. I am currently in Ohio, scavenging for food, water, shelter, and always on the look out for them. Them. Never thought that my crazy mother’s obsession over “Zombies” and “End-of-the-world-case-scenario-prepping” would come in handy.

So anyways, back to the present. A hidden world is the same as a hidden secret. It’s death defying if told about, something to keep unknown, can cause chaos, and is a downright example of stupidity. The serum, a formula designed to cure cancer, led to a hidden world but started as a hidden secret. Buried underneath Earth’s atmospheric layers, ending up on this plane. Its’ effects were untold, leading to the world as we know it, now. A barren wasteland crawling with the dead.

The serum, which I will be referring back to as S78,  originated from a Canadian Scientist, having the best intentions to cure cancer. People said he was crazy, that he was going to become delusional, due to their being no cure. He started in 1976, then coming to an end in 2021, when he became the first infected. Ever heard of a zombie? Yeah, this is it. Just an amped-out version. They are intelligent! God knows that this whole situation was not intended, or was it? 
So, yeah. This is how it is now. Intelligent zombies prowling the area. Smelling out blood, looking for flesh. A vein to sink their canines into, ripping out any last personality a person had. I’ve only found three people in the last seven years who have survived. I have no clue if they still are alive. I’m not the social type now. Then again, who can I be social with? It’s not like I am 'going to be able to hold a stable conversation with the living dead. Yikes, I don’t really want to either.
Oh, forgot to mention how I am recording all this. As I was going through Chicago, a town filled with smog in Illinois, I stopped at the National History Museum. Found this nifty device that you attach to your ear, and it reads your thoughts and records it on its own hard drive! So if you see any rambling going on, you will no why. 
Let’s see, where was I. Oh! Yeah. So the intelligent zombies, or IZ, act like normal people... Well, minus the whole “I eat you now!” factor they got going on. They all communicate with each other, but us people don’t understand a single thing. It is all filled with the nothingness of moans. 
Today, I plan to scope out Ohio, in search of people. Did not have any such luck in Indiana, well alive people anyways. Crawling with zoms. The blood and guts I see nowadays. I am thanking my blessed genes that I have a strong stomach and tolerance. Speaking of genes, my mom. Disappeared the first night IZ hit town. I was surprised actually, thought she would last longer.
She went out to get the mail, and our neighbor attacked her. She got away, came inside, knocked on my bedroom door, said I love you and to protect myself. Followed her orders like I always have. Great, getting all teary eyed on the first day of use with this concoction. Too many things to worry about now. I can’t be breaking out into tears when there could be a zom about to eat my face off. Or arm, you never know! They like to change things up.
This device also records my actions, if I’m not specifically thinking anything. I’m referred to as subject one, S1. I Sound like a lab test gone wrong. 
Subject One starts to pace back and forth in the hidden cave, gathering all the supplies laid out around. Subject One is female. Subject one has the feeling of nervousness and despair, along with steadiness. She loads everything into a duffle, quickening her pace. She gets her---
This thing needs to learn my name. MY NAME IS ADEA, DUMB SHIT. Owh! What the...? The thing is going into my ear! 
Adea, subject one. Brain recognition in process. Now transferring data and life to hardware. I am Adea. I am subject one. Forever apart of her. Combined. The start of the new days, has begun.



I apologize if the editing and stuff sucks.I haven't looked over it in around 8 months.  

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