Age Is Just A Number

This book is basically about a 15 year old girl named Ski (Pronounced Sky) who has a passion for photography. It's basically her life. Her dad happens to be best friends with One Direction's body guard, Paul. When Paul has a conversation about One Direction needing a new photographer, Ski's dad recommended her and she is now One Direction's new photographer. Problem is her dad didn't tell her that she would be working with the famous One Direction, just a popular band and she hates One Direction. A lot.

Would she fall for one of the boys? And if she did, would her age, being just 15, stop her from loving him?

Based on the title of my book what is your opinion. Is age just a number when it comes to love?


13. Uh-Oh

"I'm going to get you Ski." was all I heard. Over and over again. His voice getting louder and louder.

"Leave me alone Zayn!" I looked around to find where he was but couldn't see anything but darkness.

"I'm going to get you!"


I woke up screaming. I quickly looked around to find myself back in my bed. What a nightmare.

"Are you okay?" I nearly fell off of my bed. I didn't see Harry sitting in a chair on the opposite side of the room. There were bags under his eyes and they were red.

"Were you here all night?" he nodded while rubbing his eyes.

"Why?" I scooted over and patted my bed. Last time I did that, I got attacked but hopefully it won't happen again.

He slowly made his way to my bed and got under the covers. He scooted over to where our bodies were touching. He was not warm for once but actually freezing. His arms has goosbumps and his teeth are chattering. I put my arm over him pulling him close but quickly regreted it.

Instantly I was filled with pain in both arm. "Ow." I almost yelled but Harry crashed his lips against mine. I forgot about the pain and just focused on our lips moving together. Sadly, he quickly broke apart and looked at me.

"Everytime you had a nightmare or got hurt, I would just kiss you and you'll keep quiet for a few hours until it starts again." he said brushing a strand of hair from my face. It made me smile knowing that Harry stood up all night with me just to comfort me.

"Here, you can sleep here while I go out and get bandaids." he didn't protest but just nodded while snuggling into my pillow.

Slowly, I got dressed. I put on a pair of jeans and a heavy jacket. I put my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my phone.

Before I left I kissed Harry on his forehead. He snored lightly which made me giggle.

"Your such a cutie." I whispered to him while brushing a strand of curl out of his face.

I opened my bedroom door to greet Niall.

"Hey, you okay?" he asked with a worried look on his face. "I'm fine, just going to go get bandaids." I said putting on a reassuring smile. My smile would've convinced him if it weren't for the bruises that you could still see under my jacket.

"I'll assist you." he said. I wasn't going to protest. A little company won't do anyone any harm, might even help me out.

Just before we were about to head out, I remembered my money. "I'll be back."

I ran upstairs but stopped abruptly at the top step. There I stood face to face with Zayn. Neither of us moved. Neither of us talked. We just stood there staring at each other. He had no emotion on his face but I know mine was filled with terror. I am now definitely terrified of Zayn.

He finally moved pushing past me, going downstairs. His arm brushed against mine sending a sharp pain up my arm. "Jerk." I mumbled under my breath.

I went in my room and retrieved my money. I ran downstairs finding Niall talking to Zayn. I couldn't really hear there conversation even though I really wanted too. I walked downstairs and pushed through them not even bothering to say excuse me.

Niall then followed me outside and we went to the nearest Market.




On the way home, Niall tried to make me laugh. He turned on the radio and of course Pop That by French Montana came on. Niall tried twerking in his driving seat. I burst out laughing as he continued twerking in place. People next to us sent us weird stares except for one who cheered him on.

"You should totally be a stripper." I said. We both laughed while getting out of the car. We were finally home. It was around one o'clock. Time for lunch.

"You think? I kind of want to be one but I need to practice." he said.

"I'll be your number one customer." I said winking at him while faning myself with ones that we got back from the cashier.

Niall opened the door with his keys and yelled, "We're home!"

I set the bags on the kitchen counter and we both walked into the living room. All the boys were in the living room looking at the tv.

"Hey guys!-" I said smiling but frowned immediatly. My camera was by the tv out of it's case and plugged into the tv. All the boys turned toward us. Liam and Louis had disappointed looks on their faces, Zayn was blank but had a small smirk showing through, Harry looked like he was abou explode and cry at the same time.

"Dang." I heard Niall mumble. I followed his gaze to the tv. I almost gasped at what I saw.

The pictures of Niall and I at the park are on slideshow on the tv screen. The next picture was me on Niall's back, both of us laughing. The next one was of him kissing me on the cheek. Harry stood up on both feet and pointed at the screen.

"What the fu-" he yelled but was cut off by Liam, "Harry, calm down and watch your language, she's only fifteen." Liam sat back down but Harry did not.

"What is this!?" he yelled at me. "Nothing." Apparently I wasn't convincing enough because he just laughed.

"First off, why do you have my camera?" I said snatching it out of his hand.

"Look mate, someone just wanted a picture." Niall said stepping up. Good, I thought I was going to have to do this alone.

"That's not what Zayn told me." he said crossing his arms. "What!" Niall and I said at the same time.

I looked over at Zayn and was immediatly fulled with anger. He was smiling. Freaking smiling!

"Do you think you can just go around start telling people about me and my personal stuff!?," I screamed at him. Everyone seemed shocked at my actions but good, they should be, "You just make assumptions like you know everything!" I screamed at him.

"Look, I already know what I need to know. Your just some girl who's some hooker trying to get guys." Even though I was in pain, I slapped him. I knew it hurt because I could hear the hand make contact with his cheek.

Liam and Louis ran over to me before I could start hitting him again.

"You think hitting him right now is going to make this better?" Harry yelled at me.

"Guys look." Louis said who flipped the channel.

The E News was on and there was a giant picture on front. It was Niall kissing my cheek. The reporter was talking about us,

"Does the Niall Horan have a new love?" the picture blew up to take up the whole screen, "Or is it Mr. Styles?" The next picture was of the night Harry quickly kissed me so no one would see but I guess that didn't work. "The thing is, this mystery girl is named Ski and she's only fifteen."

The tv went black and I looked over at Harry who had thrown the remote at the wall. He looked at me with sadness and tears filled in his eyes. A few tears fell from his face as he stormed out the front door. Louis ran after him.

Zayn got up and stood in front of me. "You shouldn't have never came here." he spat out. He ran out the back door with Liam following behind, trying to stop him.

I felt a light touch on my arm, "Ski.."

I pulled away from Niall's grasp and started crying. The tears just flowed out without stopping.

"He's right, I shouldn't have came here..." I ran upstairs. I need to pack now.

I locked the door and started shoving all of my belongings back into my suitcases. My arm still hurts so it didn't help but I just pushed through the pain. I called a taxi while I continued to pack.

"Ski, open up! Don't do this." Niall yelled on the other side of the door.

Hearing his voice made me want to cry even more which I'm not sure is possible. Once I packed everything I opened my window. It wasn't that big of a drop but it did put some distance between the ground and I.

I threw my suitcases down then I jumped down landing right on top of them. I wiped my eyes but picked up my suitcases. I sneaked around to the front and saw the taxi waiting for me. I ran for it.

I yanked open the door and threw my suitcases inside. I looked back at the house and froze. Harry was on the front porch watching me. We held each other's gaze before I got inside the taxi and shut the door.

"Where to ma'am" the taxi driver asked.

I looked at Harry who stood up from where he was sitting.

"To the airport please."

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