Age Is Just A Number

This book is basically about a 15 year old girl named Ski (Pronounced Sky) who has a passion for photography. It's basically her life. Her dad happens to be best friends with One Direction's body guard, Paul. When Paul has a conversation about One Direction needing a new photographer, Ski's dad recommended her and she is now One Direction's new photographer. Problem is her dad didn't tell her that she would be working with the famous One Direction, just a popular band and she hates One Direction. A lot.

Would she fall for one of the boys? And if she did, would her age, being just 15, stop her from loving him?

Based on the title of my book what is your opinion. Is age just a number when it comes to love?


15. Skirry

I woke up in my room back in London. I guess I wasted a lot of money for a ticket back to New York when I didn't even go.

I rubbed my eyes and smiled. Everything is back together. No fights or anything.

I managed to shuffle out of bed and into the shower. While shampooing my hair I started singing 'Live While We're Young'.

"Hey girl I'm waiting on ya, I'm waiting ya, come on and let me sneak you out!" I didn't care if the boys heard me. I loved singing at the top of my lungs even though I can't sing.


I shut off the shower but continued to sing quietly. "And girrrrrl, you and I, we're about to make some memories toniggght," I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. I yanked open the shower still singing.

"You're a really great singer, you know."

"Harry!" I screamed closing the shower curtains blocking his view of me.

He laughed but he still didn't leave. "Harry, I kinda need to change."

"Can I watch?" I know I couldn't see him but I can just feel him smirk.

"Harry. Out. Now." I said giggling. I heard the door close but I still peeked out just in case.

I put on a pair of Skinny Jeans and a oversized sweater that said Take Me To France (I really bought this sweater yesterday at Forever 21!) I know we probably weren't going out but I put on a pair of white vans anyway.

I walked out into my bedroom to be greeted by four beautiful boys. "Goodmorning." I said giving them a big smile.

"Morning sleeping beauty." Niall said sending me an adorable smile showing his teeth.

I flipped my hair over my head and shook it with a towel. I could feel them staring at my bum. I flipped it back and raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, um can you guys not stare at my butt?" I asked putting some products in my hair. I blow-dryed it and then straightened as the boys watched me.

"Not to be rude but don't you guys have something better to do than stare at me do my hair?" I asked. They all shrugged. I sighed, you'd figured five teenage popstars would be out partying or something but nope, not the One Direction boys.

"Are you done? We have to go shopping!" Liam said using a girly voice at the end. I fiannly finished my hair and grabbed my phone along with emergency money my father left on my dresser. "Let's go!"


"You're coming with me." Zayn said hooking his arm with mine when we entered the mall.

Once out of Paul's view we were surrounded by screaming girls with their flashing cameras.

"OMG, Zayn I love you!" and "Zayn marry me!" were all I heard around me. I felt Zayn grab my hand and push through the crowd. We ran into a store  and hid behind a rack of clothing.

"I think they went this way!" a girl yelled before running away from the store with the rest of the screaming girls.

"That was a close one!" I said laughing along with Zayn.

"Yeah, but what are you planing to but the boys for Christmas?" he asked while we sneaked out the store.

We talked a few more about the boys present until he found these cute new edition batman pajamas for Liam. "Perfect!" he said. He went over to the cash register to pay while I continued to look. I found cute Batman house slippers that would match perfectly with Liam's new pajamas.

"Are you dating Niall?" I turned around to find a girl with her hands on her hips.

"No, anways do I even know you?" I asked. "Doesn't matter. Are you dating Harry?" she asked with an attitude. I simply walked away with the Batman's slippers hoping she would leave me alone. Nope, I was wrong.

"Hey! I wasn't done talking to you." she grabbed me by my arm and spinned me around to face her. She grabbed my bad arm so I unwillingly said, "Ow!"

Zayn quickly came over panicked. He saw I was rubbing my arm with hand and saw the girl next to me.
"What do you think you're doing?" Zayn asked trying not to raise his voice to catch attention." She just stood there speechless. He sighed and carefully guided me to the cashier.

I payed for the Batman slippers and we moved on to the next store. Zayn was quiet the whole way walking. "Zayn.." I started but he cut me off.

"I can't believe they would do that to you." he said getting angry. I pulled him into a hug. The last thing I need is for some dumb directioner to come break apart something I just put back together.

"I'm fine, I just guess Harry and Niall have a secret girlfriend I don't know about." he pulled away and smiled. That's the Zayn I know.

We went to a few stores to buy the boys the rest of their gifts. I bought all the boys bracelets that had my name engraved on it with a heart next to it. I bought Zayn one too but he doesn't know about it. I bought some other stuff and even a cool watch for my dad and Paul. I also got the boys to sign a black Lamborghini that has the red 1D logo on it to send to Jasmine.

Apparently being One Direction's photographer makes you rich. We met the boys at Nandos and had a amazing lunch. We were attacked by a few fans and papz asking about Niall, Harry, and I. Niall spoke up first explaning the accident about the picture then Harry says he was caught up in the moment and that the kiss meant nothing.

I nodded along with everything they said. "Anyways, Harry's to old for me and it's about business." I cut in. The papz looked relieved when I finally spoke. I guess they figured I would tell the truth.

"So if you would to kiss her right now, you would fell no connection at all?" a woman asked holding a recorder by both our mouths.

"Would you like to see proof?" he asked. Oh Harry, your so sneaky and cheeky.

The reporters nodded excitedly. Harry shrugged and grabbed me by the shoulders leaning me down. He kissed me and it lasted for a while but he broke it. "See, nothing." I lied. I still felt the sparks inside me.

"Doesn't seem like nothing to you Horan." A man said. I looked over at Niall to see his head down and his face red.

Before Niall could protest Louis cut it, "We have to go, bye now." He shoved the cameras away and led us through the crowd of reporters.


"Greatttt." Liam groaned while coming into the living room. We all were watching an episode of Family guy on the floor. We didn't even bother using the couches. It was really dark outside considering how late it was and we started to see the tv really well.

"What is it mate?" Niall asked. He sat next to me while shoving his face with some popcorn.

"Apparently we're having a mini concert for orphans in two days." Liam said sitting down on the floor.

"And how is that bad?" I asked. I would think singing for orphans would make them happy.

"Don't get me wrong, I would love to sing to Orphans but it's on Christmas day." he whined

Harry shot up which made me fall. I was leaning on him for support, so much for that. "Ow." I said scratching my head. They all laughed at me. Psh, rude.

"Let's just open up our presents now!" he squealed jumping up and down.


Niall opened his present from Liam which was $100 gift card to Nandos. Niall jumped on Liam so I guess he liked it. He also got, an irish onesie from Zayn, a new shirt from Harry and Louis. I wasn't going to give him his gift until the boys got to open it at the same time.

Harry got a Louis underwear from Louis, a picture of me and him in a frame from me, I got him an extra just because you know we're going out, a pair of raybands from Zayn and a pair of converses from Liam. Liam got all batman stuff and Louis got mtly toms and striped shirts. Zayn got sunglasses and a few hats.

"Before I open my presents, I want to give you all yours." I smiled. I retrieved five small boxes from a bag and hand it to them. They ripped it open at the same time and gasped. It was the bracelets. Harry's was green, Niall's was blue, Liam's was purple, Louis was red, and Zayn's was black.

"Ski.." Louis started.

"This is beautiful." Zayn finished for him. I blushed knowing they liked my gift.

"No matter who we date, you'll always be our number one girl." Liam said putting his on.

"I also got one that says One Direction because you guys are my number one boys." I opened my own box and slid it on. Mine held all there colors. Green, Blue, Purple, Red, and Black.

Then I opened my presents which were all phenomonal! Liam gave me a new camera, Louis gave me a new pair of red Toms, Zayn gave me a pair of raybands, and Niall gave me another bracelet that had a locket attacthed to it with a picture of me and him doing a silly face.

"I got you something real nice." Harry said, "turn around."

I did what he says. I suddenly felt something cool against my neck. I go to touch it and gasp. It's a necklace.

"Oh Harry!" I wrap my arms around him not letting this moment pass. "I'm glad you like it!" he said chuckling.

I grabbed it up and examined it. It was a infinity sign with the word 'Skirry' intertwining with it at the bottom.

"Skirry?" I asked confused? What in the world is a Skirry?

"It's our ship name the fans made up." he smiled.

"Ship?" I was no way near understanding.

"It means it's basically your couple name." Zayn cut in.

Ohhh... Awhhh! That's so sweet! I smiled up at Harry. I now, understood.

"I love you, Ski." he whispered.

"I love you too, Harry." And I really meant it.

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