Age Is Just A Number

This book is basically about a 15 year old girl named Ski (Pronounced Sky) who has a passion for photography. It's basically her life. Her dad happens to be best friends with One Direction's body guard, Paul. When Paul has a conversation about One Direction needing a new photographer, Ski's dad recommended her and she is now One Direction's new photographer. Problem is her dad didn't tell her that she would be working with the famous One Direction, just a popular band and she hates One Direction. A lot.

Would she fall for one of the boys? And if she did, would her age, being just 15, stop her from loving him?

Based on the title of my book what is your opinion. Is age just a number when it comes to love?


12. Out of Control

"Finally back home." I said plopping down on the couch.

"Hey guys, I was the park?" My dad said coming through the kitchen doorway with a plate of mashed potatoes.

"Interesting." Niall said sitting down next to me. I pinched his arm.

"Ow!" he said rubbing the place where I pinched him. "Oh, are you okay Niall?" I said with an innocent smile.

His stuck out his tongue and so did I.

"Ooooookay." Zayn said. I looked up to see everyone watching us. Awkward.

"Anyways, Paul and I are going to a meeting with managment." my dad said going back into the kitchen where he put his plate in the sink. He came back out and kissed my forehead, "See ya later kiddo."

I blew him a kiss while he shut the door goodbye. Great. Now I'm home alone with the super famous One Direction boy band. Every girl's dream right? Well, it's my nightmare.

"Anybody up for a movie? Louis asked.

"I am." Niall said

"Me too." Liam and Harry said at the same time.

They looked over at Zayn and I who stayed quiet.

"I'm going to bed." I said rubbing my eyes. I was honestl tired but mostly I just needed time to myself.

"And I'm just going to be in my room, might sleep, might not." Zayn said walking upstairs.

I followed him up but we broke up into different directions. I opened my door to my room. I never really got to have a good look into my room. It was pretty plain. Hopefully, I can girly it up. I still had my camera around my neck so I took it off and put it in it's correct case.


I looked over at my phone and smiled. Jasmine.


"Ahhh, I miss you so much!" she yelled into the phone.

The last time I talked to Jasmine was when I broke down by the abandoned playground and Harry asked me out.

"I missed you too! We have a lot to catch up on." I said laughing.

Before I continued, I cracked open my door to see if anyone was in earshot. It was dark downstairs and the only light was the flicker of the TV. I shut my door and climbed into my bed.

I spilled everything once again to Jasmine. About me now dating Harry, Niall kissing me on the cheek and now liking me. She seemed overwhelmed but the best thing was, she didn't freak out. She just kept me calm. We continued talking about me until I finally changed the subject to her.

"So, enough about me, what's up with you?" I asked.

She explained how she got asked out by this really cute junior and passed her mid-semester exam which made me think of school. I haven't went to school since I got here. Hopefully, it stays that way. Then again, I want to be smart.

Knock Knock

"Hold on Jas," I said into the phone, "Come in!" I yelled.

I watched as Zayn's head appeared in my doorway. "Hey Jas, I have to call you later. Love you, bye." I hung up with her then looked back at Zayn who was still in my doorway.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Can I stay here till they finish the movie or something because it's so loud considering my room is the closet one to the stairs." I nodded and patted the bed beside me.

He hopped on and just sat there staring at me.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Niall kissed you." was the only thing he said. My eyes opened in surprise. How did he know that? Did Niall tell him?

"Who told you that..." I whispered with my head down.

"I overheard you and Niall talking." he said. Hr grabbed my chin and lift it up to face him.

"Litsen Ski, you can't just come here and hop on guy from guy."

What? Is that what he thought I was doing?

"I didn't! He only pecked me on my cheek for a picture!" I was getting angry. He was assuming things that weren't even true.

"You need to tell Harry." he said firmly. He grabbed my arm and started dragging me toward the door. I yanked away from his grasp. Now I was furious.

"You can't tell me what to do. Do you think you're my father or something?"  I yelled at him.

He looked taken aback but I saw the anger in his eyes come back. "Well since you're very childish it leaves me up to no choice, but to take care of you!" he screamed at me.

"Just leave me alone, Zayn!" I yelled. I regreted every word that came out of my mouth. Especially after seeing the look on his face.

It took me by surprise when he grabbed me by my wrist and yet again yanked me out my room. "Not until you tell him."

Everytime I tried to pull away his grip would only become tighter. It actually started to hurt. I layed down to try to pull away but he yanked harder. I know this would become a bruise but I didnt care about that right now. I just want to get away from him.

"Zayn let go! Your hurting me!" I screamed. I felt a few tears stream down my face from the pain.

With enough luck I kicked him off of me and ran toward room but wasn't fast enough. He tackled me from behind bringing down to the floor. I tried to crawl and kick him off but it was no use. He was stronger than me.

Finally, my hero came to my rescue. Zayn was lifted off of me and I felt a relief of pressure off of my body. I flipped over to see Liam, Louis, and Niall holding Zayn back. Harry was just staring at me. Why wasn't he coming to help me?

There was a body mirror in this hallway right where I was laying. I looked over to it and almost broke into tears. Bruises were already forming on my wrists and arms and my nose was bleeding. Probably from when I hit my head when he tackled me.

I couldn't hold it in anymore. I started crying. No not crying, more like sobbing. I tried to get up but fell. Harry came running toward me trying to help but I got scared thinking it was Zayn and pushed him away.

"Please don't touch me." I whimpered.

I got up and ran into my room.

"Wait Ski!" Harry yelled but I slammed the door in his face. "Leave me alone!" I yelled while I slumped against the door.

"Why does this have to happen to me?" I whispered. "Why?"


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