Age Is Just A Number

This book is basically about a 15 year old girl named Ski (Pronounced Sky) who has a passion for photography. It's basically her life. Her dad happens to be best friends with One Direction's body guard, Paul. When Paul has a conversation about One Direction needing a new photographer, Ski's dad recommended her and she is now One Direction's new photographer. Problem is her dad didn't tell her that she would be working with the famous One Direction, just a popular band and she hates One Direction. A lot.

Would she fall for one of the boys? And if she did, would her age, being just 15, stop her from loving him?

Based on the title of my book what is your opinion. Is age just a number when it comes to love?


8. My New Best Friend

I looked around the room I woke up in and found both my luggage and purse placed neatly against the wall. I opened the largest one where I placed all my clothes. I don't know if I should wear a coat or a jacket. I checked on my iphone to see the weather. It was 64 degrees outside. I grabbed my baby blue jacket and a white shirt that said Sm:)e "


I grabbed a pair of toms that were the same color of my jacket.  I grabbed a brush and started brushing my long blonde hair.

Finally after about thirty minutes of doing my hair and make up and going through text messages from Jasmine that I constantly receive Liam spoke.

"Time to hit the road people!"

I grabbed a small purse that was filled with eye liner, lip gloss, my phone, camera, and a pack of gum.

I ran downstairs and out the open door. I closed it behind me and ran toward the van.


"Wow, she really didn't care if she got down and dirty to get secrets out of us." Liam said.

Paul drove us to the nearest Starbucks to relax a bit. I never tried Starbucks before but I guess I can try it now since I'm so thirsty. Pushing through a crowd of screaming girls to get into the studio was hard work!

The boys and I got out while Paul and my dad looked for a good parking spot. Luckily, there were no screaming girls when we entered the cafe.

"Ski and I will go order while you guys find us a seat." Zayn said grabbing my arm and leading us to get in line to order.

"Hey Ski, since your our photographer now I'd like to get to know you better." He said whispering to me.

"Sure, ask anything you want."

"Well first off how do you feel about clubbing?" he asked.

"Clubbing? As in a club, like partying?" I always wanted to go clubbing but of course I'm only fifteen and it's illegal but whenever I went to a friends party from school, I did get a bit wild.

He nodded but I just laughed. "I'm not old enough." I simply said. A couple ordered and moved on to the side. We moved up a few steps but Zayn continued to talk.

"What do you mean your not old enough, aren't you eighteen?" I almost choked on the gum I put in my mouth before we went to the interview.

"Psh, no way! I'm only fifteen." I saw his jaw drop and his eyes go wide. "What? You guys actually thought I was eighteen?"

The couple in front of us moved up to order and we followed but Zayn still kept that shocked expression on his face.

"Oh gosh, this ain't good at all." he started pacing the small area we were in. "Why?" Why is it so bad that I'm only fifteen. Well technically fifteen and a half.

"Harry likes you, Ski." he whispered intently in my ear. Now it was my turn to drop my jaw.

"Next in line." Zayn held his hand up to my chin and closed my jaw. "You didn't hear any of this." He ordered the boy's usual and ordered me a hot chocolate. We both grabbed them and brought them over to the boys who was in a booth in the back.

"So did ya ask her mate?" Niall asked before taking a sip of his coffee.

"Um well-" Zayn started but i quickly cut him off.

"Hey Zayn, let's talk for a moment." I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to another booth that would be earshot from the boys.

"You can't tell them!" I whispered and somewhat yelled.

"Well why not." he said not even bothering to keep his voice down.

"Shhhhh!" I hissed at him.

"Look, what if they only like me because they think i'm older? What if they'll hate me when they find out I'm like a child to them."

He sighed and looked out the window.

"Please Zayn, you're the only one who can know my real age."

He looks at me and gives a small nod. I leaped over the table and gave him a hug which he kindly returned.

"Man this sucks now." he said getting up.

"Why?" I asked confused.

"I thought dirty thoughts about a fifteen year old... excuse me while I go crazy." He smiled and laughed. I did feel a little weird knowing that a nineteen year old thought dirty things about me but I can tell Zayn's going to be one of the guys I could talk to.

"But watch out for Harry, he takes things a bit fast with girls. I don't want to find out my best mate is kissing a fifteen year old."

I held up my hand, "I promise."

We walked back over to the booth and sat down with the others.

"You never answered my question." Niall said. He already finished his coffee along with the others.

"Yeah, she's going to the club with us tonight." I sent him an Are-You-Crazy-Look but he just winked at me.

"And this is her first time so we have to make it special for her." He sent a sneaky smirk and wink at the boys which made me go uneasy.

What do they do to fresh meat when it comes to clubbing?

"So what did you do while we were gone?" Louis asked while sipping his coffee.

"Just took a few shots of you guys and then I was on my phone the rest of the time."

They nodded as they continued to sip their drinks. A few moments later, Paul and my dad walked in. They already ordered their drinks and seemed to be tired.

"Man these London girls are crazy." my dad chuckled after taking a swig.

"They are. Feisty ones I tell you." Paul laughed.

The boys and I looked at them confusingly waiting for them to explain.

"These boys here must have high class stalker fans because this one girl saw our van and screamed." Paul explained.

"Then suddenly we were swarmed by little girls in school uniforms. It was an atrocious sight." my dad chipped in.

"Where did you guys park then?" Niall asked while getting up and throwing away his coffee. The waitress at the booth over yanked her shirt down a bit a flipped her hair. The things girls do for guys.

"We had to park a few blocks over so I suggest we leave now so we could get back in time for you lads and Ski to go--" Paul stopped talking and I looked up to see the boys giving him mad looks.

"So, uh, you could go see a film or something." Paul finished.

I guess my dad not knowing about the club is a good thing or he wouldn't have let me gone. God knows how embarrassing that would've been for me if all of us had to stay home because of me.

"Well come on, let's get going."

We all scrambled out the booths and out the café hoping nobody would assume the biggest boy band is walking out in the open.

We only made it half way to the van when a girl spotted us. Then a whole mob came and we were forced to sprint the rest of the way. By the time we got to the car, I was tired. Maybe this club this wasn't such a good idea.

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