Summer For Days

Wrote this on Wattpad. Just transferring the story over.. by some chapters at a time. XD

Falling in love can be a challenging situation if you only have 40 days to do it..

Kya has a ritual of visiting her family in South Carolina after boarding school in England. On her last summer back, she is determined to meet her true love.

Complications arise along the way due to meeting Tryler. Can she keep him or will all hope slip through her grasp?


1. Day One


Day One

I glanced outside the plane window and saw the rolling waters of the North Atlantic. Everything looked like glass from above. We were lowering down, after the Eight Hour flight, I was aching to get off. 

"Passengers, please fasten your seat belts as we arrive into Myrtle Beach International Airports. Thank you." The flight attendants intercom beeped out and I was left to my own breaths. There was barely anyone on the plane, leaving me restless with no one to talk too. A boy around 18, sat further up front but didn't move at all. So in conclusion, the entire flight I was left to my IPod, my soul mate. I crammed everything back into my carry on bag, tightened my seat belt, grabbed a piece of gum, and prepared for landing.


"Thank you for flying with American Airlines. Welcome home to everyone who is from the bright, sunny beaches of South Carolina, and to those of you just visiting, enjoy your stay." The blonde flight attendant again beeped out. That was my sign to get up. I slung my bag over my shoulder, stretched my legs, and scooted out of the seat. Unloosening the thatch, I grabbed my bag from the overhead compartment. 

"Woah, watch out. That could have been bad." The boy from up front caught my bag when it came tumbling from the nook. 

"Uh, yeah. I suppose." I muttered my words as I stared in awe at his beauty. He handed me my bag and turned away. Wow, how polite. I tossed a look of meaningful disgust to his back, and continued on my way. The ramp leading to the airport smelt of deep cologne, filling my throat with a gagging sensation. "Please.." I prayed that the smell wouldn't stick to me all day, leaving my parents question me why I smell of a man. I silently laughed to myself, and headed towards baggage claim.




"My beautiful daughter."

"Hi, Kya." 

"Hey guys." I smiled, walking over to the front automatic doors, completed with my family. My little sister ran up to me, making me drop my bag. She wrapped her arms around me. I took in a whiff of perfume, and noticed she is one of the Beliebers. Oh joy.

"Tell me you didn't forget my name.. and my present." Ana smiled at me, letting go. She was 13, and a miniture me. Minus my amazing taste in music. 

"Please. You underestimate me, Ana." I made sure she heard me say her name, just to reassure her. "Hey, Kolin." My twin brother nodded at me, grabbing my bag from my hand and walking out the door. Same old Kolin. He has always been pissy just due to use being 90 Seconds apart, me being the oldest. But he can be okay, he was my best friend all of Elementary. 

"Honey.. Its been so long!" My mom held me in her arms, squeezing my hand at the same time. It must have taken balls for her and dad to be in the same place. They have been at each others throats since I was 7, and Ana was 2. 

"Come here, sweet cheeks." My mom let go of me, smiled, and passed me over to  my father. 

"I see you kept the nickname. Really? Its been 9 months. That's the best you could come up with?" I laughed into his hug, and let go. "So. I am tired of air ports, strangers, and the smells. Can we get going?" Without another word, we were all walking out of the Airport, into the crowded, sunny South Carolina. 


"Mom put your stuff in the closet. I am going to the pier with Nat and Mic. They wanted you to come with." Kolin sat on his bed, looking at me. We looked more alike than ever. Our dirty blond hair matched perfectly, and our shit colored eyes did so too. Our signature look. Yes, shit. Our parents always said we were full of shit. 

"Sure, it would be like the old days. Hanging with you and they guys.." I laughed slightly and grabbed my phone off the nightstand. "Ready?" 

"Yup." I followed Kolin out of our room, to his 2012 Jeep Wrangler. We both got to choose something for our 13th birthday. Kolin choose a new car every year after he was 16 till he moved out. I chose boarding school in England. The divorce made my parents rich, made me happy, and made Kolin stuck up. 

I sat in the passenger seat, and pulled my long blond hair back into a ponytail. "Its your first day back, and you already are suffering from the heat? What has London done to you?" He chuckled and started up the engine. I punched him in the arm as he backed out of the driveway. Our house stood the biggest on the street, towering over the coward neighbors. We all lived in the same house, except Dad. Ana claimed the basement, and Kolin and I took the fourth floor. Mom had the rest. 

"Shut up. I am just glad to be away from the rain." I soaked in the sun, and smiled, pulling my sunglasses over my eyes. My hand rested comfortably on the hood, and Kolin turned up Hollywood Undead. That was one thing that made life easier, we both had the same taste in music. Their song 'Levitate' echoed through the jeep, escaping to the streets of SC. 

Ten minutes later, Kolin pulled into the reserved parking space downtown. Second Avenue Pier has always been our favorite. I slid off of the leather seat, adjusting my shorts in the process. 

"Kya!" I heard my name being shouted over the ramble of people, then I felt big, sweaty arms wrap themselves around me. Mic. "Long time no see! You have grown. A year? Maybe?" 

"Hi, Mic." I groaned at his name, not missing him at all. He was around 6'3", short brown hair, and black eyes. His tan body hadn't changed since 8th grade. 

"Hey, Kya. How was London?" Nat came walking up, with an unfamiliar face standing next to him. 

"Hey Nat. London was.. Rainy. Too much rain. But school was great." I leaned into a hug, and then we started away to the normal pier ritual. 


Without a sense of  realization, we noticed it was a Wednesday, which called for late dinner at Pier House and fireworks. The stranger with Nat disappeared after the hellos, and I didn't notice him till the fireworks started. 

"So, who is the tag a long?" I whispered to Nat, trying to not make it obvious. 

"He's a transfer. He came last year, and became one of the group. His parents live in Ireland, so he just flew back from visiting today, also. Tryler! This is Kya, Kolin's twin." Nat shouted over to Tryler, laughing at the last part. For no apparent reason, my hands began to sweat. Then I realized it was compartment guy. 

"I believe we have already met, just not formally. I am Tryler, and you are IPod girl." He smiled, his white teeth glowing beneath his brown hair.

"And you are 'my hero.'" I laughed too, adding air quotes to the last part. 

"Yes, I believe so. I never really did get a thanks for saving you from a bloody nose." Tryler laughed again, and took a seat next to Nat. Kolin sat next to me, flirting with the waitress. 

"Oh, yeah, uhhm, I guess sorry." I laughed again, smiling. Tryler flipped his hair, and laughed, taking a sip of his coke.

"Guess who has a date tomorrow!" Kolin interrupted the silence that spread across the table, and in reply we all groaned. 

"With the sleeze? I mean waitress? Dude, she'd pass for a job at hooters. And damn, would they be hootin' there!" Mic chimed in after us, making Tryler, Nat, and I groan in disgust.

"Yeah, Mic, you haven't changed. At all." I laughed at him and sat back to enjoy the fireworks. They set them off at the end of the pier, and we always got the best seat. Right in front, giving us the best view. 

"So, Kya, what are you doing tomorrow night?" Tryler broke my gaze of fireworks.

Looks like the twins were already back in business, and kicking ass.(:



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