You belong with me

17 year old Jasmine had to transfer schools and has to make new friends, handle new classes, and has to mange her mom being away more. But happens when she meets a new boy she could be falling for? And what will happen when another boy will do anything to destroy that? Find out in You Belong With Me!


4. Why is this happening to me?!

*jasmine's p.o.v* the fact that someone was in my house while I was at Harry's scares me! I don't understand what's going on! My phone beeped which made me jump I walked over and saw it it was a text from Harry "Hey, it's Harry!:)" haha of course we texted for awhile just talking about random stuff, I got hungry so I decided to go and eat something. I walked down the stairs and all the lights were out. I didn't turn them off. I went and turned on the light and go out my dinner from the fridge and made it. I sat down with my food then the lights flickered on and off over and over again. When I threw away my food the lights completely went out! I heard the door open, "who's there?!" I said. Nothing I just heard footsteps. "Who are you!?" I said. I couldn't see a thing in my house and I couldn't find my phone! "Harry this isn't funny!" Wait it couldn't be Harry, he wouldn't think it was funny. Who ever it was pushed me up against the wall "now wait makes you think I'm Harry?" The person said. I felt something cold against my arm, I pushed him away and tried to get to the door but I didn't know where I was! The person chased after me and cut my arm "get back here!" I finally found a door and got out of my house I ran to Harry's and kinda banged on the door. Niall opened the door "hey jasmine!" He said then looked at my arm. "JASMINE!!!" The person chasing me called "Niall please let me in!!" I said scared Niall grabbed my arm and pulled me in closed the door and locked it. "You wanna tell me what's goin on?" He whispered everyone was asleep. "How can I tell you when I don't even know!" I whispered "here let me get some stuff for your arm" he said then I saw Harry. "Hey jasmine" he said then smiled then he looked at my arm "what happened?!!!" He said "Harry, calm down" I said "jasmine so do u know who was chasing after-ohhhhhh hi Harry" Niall said, Harry looked at me "what?!" Harry said "Harry it's not what u-" I said "NO! Your staying here tonight I don't care I want you here safe!" He said. I wasn't gonna argue with Harry he was gonna win anyways. "Okay" "come on ill show you my room you can sleep with me" he showed me his room it was so cute haha. Then I got a text message "you think you staying at Harry's will help? Haha no think again-???" I looked at the text for about 2 minutes while Harry went downstairs. I was trying to figure out who it was but I couldn't think about who would do this to me. This is crazy!

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