You belong with me

17 year old Jasmine had to transfer schools and has to make new friends, handle new classes, and has to mange her mom being away more. But happens when she meets a new boy she could be falling for? And what will happen when another boy will do anything to destroy that? Find out in You Belong With Me!


6. Truth or Dare?

So me and the boys were about to play truth or dare, we all grab some chairs and went and made a circle in the living room. Louis went first "okay umm Liam, truth or dare?" he said, "umm dare!" liam said "push niall out of his chair!" louis said and liam did exactly that. "Is is cause im irish?!" niall said, "yes." louis and liam both said. Eveyone was laughing even niall! "alright niall you go." louis said "okay, zayn truth or dare?" "dare of course!" zayn said "okay i dare you not fix your hair tomorow!!" niall said. Everybody looked at zayn, zayn had that shock look on his face "you evil leprechaun!!" zayn said. we all laughed except zayn "haha go zayn its your turn." i said "okay okay umm harry truth or dare?" he said "well since everybody mostly picked dare ill pick truth." harry said. "okay then curly tell everyone who you like!" zayn said with a smile on his face then he leaned back in his chair. Harry had a shocked face on his face then looked at me. My heart was racing i could feel myself truning red, i tried to stop truning red but it wasnt working. "harry just say it we arnt playing hide and seek!!" louis said "ummmm jasmine i umm like you." harry said. I couldnt believe it he likes me back! "oh really? interesting.okay then jas truth or dare?" zayn said. i didnt know what to pick truth or dare i wasnt gonna pick truth he might ask me if i like harry! i do but still. "dare" i said finnaly "kiss harry." zayn said. Well that was differnet i didnt think he would say that. Harry and i leaned in and kissed i opened my eyes to see his perfect green eyes looking back at me. harry bit his lip "finnaly" he said then smiled i smiled back. "jas your turn." liam said "okay louis truth or dare?" "dare!" "okay i dare you to jump in the pool." louis looked at me got up and went outside, we all ran outside too. He looked at all of us "are you serious?" "it was a dare lou." liam said louis nodded and jumped in, then came back up from the water. "IT WAS SOOOO COLD!!" louis said "awww im sorry lou" i helped him out of the pool and hugged him then he pulled me back in the water "IM COLD!!!" I said and harry jumped in the pool and helped me back up "just kidding" i said and winked at harry and grabbed his hand and jumped in the water niall and liam jumped in the pool too. "come on zayn! your floaties are over there!" niall said zayn ran to his floaties a put them on and jumped in the pool. It was like a pool party but just me and the boys but it was still fun!



Did you guys like it? So i need ideas for the story so leave me suggestions ideas and ill try to put them in the story. Okay bye guys:)

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