You belong with me

17 year old Jasmine had to transfer schools and has to make new friends, handle new classes, and has to mange her mom being away more. But happens when she meets a new boy she could be falling for? And what will happen when another boy will do anything to destroy that? Find out in You Belong With Me!


5. The next day.

The next morning I woke up looked around for Harry but he wasn't here. I got up and walked down stairs to find all the boys eating breakfast, "look who decided to wake up!" Liam said. "Took you long enough haha" Zayn said. "Goodmorning!" Harry said with a smile "morning boys!" I said then ran and grabbed niall's toast before he was about to eat. "HARRY! She took my toast!!! Jasmine give it back!" He said and starting to run after me "come and get me nialler!!" I said and running around the house. Harry caught me in his arms, "jas, give him back the toast." He said. Those green eyes were getting to me. "Fine, here Niall" I gave him the toast and all the other boys were laughing. I got some food and sat between Louis and Zayn. We ate and we all decided we would go do something together since it was the weekend. "I think we should go do mini golf!" Niall said. "That sounds like fun!" I said. Harry looked at me and smiled "yeah, I think we should do that." He said "alright then lets go! Everyone go get dressed!" We all got dressed and headed out to the car and headed out to the mini golf court. We all went in order like this Liam Louis Niall me Zayn and Harry. We were doing the 18 hole game we got to the 12th hole and Harry was in the lead then me and Louis then Zayn and Niall and Liam was close behind. "LIAM YOUR TURN!" I yelled. He shot and got a hole in 1. "Good job Liam!" We all said. We got to the 18th hole and me and Harry were tied. "Okay, jas if you make this you win if you don't Harry wins!" Zayn said. "Thanks for the info Zayn!" I said. They all looked at me I put the ball on the ground practiced my swing and swung and hit the ball and it went in! I jumped up and down with joy then saw Harry. I went and hugged him, "you did great!" I said and smiled. He smiled "thanks you were great too!" He said. "Come you guys we should go get food and take it back home!" Niall said i started walking Harry following "Niall you're forever wanting food!!" I said he smiled "well you know!" We got in the car grabbed some food then headed back to the house and ate. Zayn looked at Harry then looked at the rest of us, "we should play truth or dare!" Zayn said "yeah!" We all said. This is gonna be fun!
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