You belong with me

17 year old Jasmine had to transfer schools and has to make new friends, handle new classes, and has to mange her mom being away more. But happens when she meets a new boy she could be falling for? And what will happen when another boy will do anything to destroy that? Find out in You Belong With Me!


7. Moments

*harry's P.O.V* pool party at the house with the boys and the girl i like this is great! "i'll be right back i'm gonna go get towels!" i ran inside when jasmine's phone went off i didnt wanna look but i had to something weird was going on lately. i walked up to the phone and saw a message from "???" whoever that was it said "why wont you just understand this isnt gonna be over until you're mine jas. Harry wont always be there to save you neither will the boys.-???"  i was about to pick up her phone call whoever this was and just yell at them but jas would know i saw the message, so i'll just ask the boys what they think i should do about this. i went back outside with the towels, "wow that took you along time to get some towels haha" jasmine said. i put the towels down picked her up and put her over my shoulder "what was that again? you wanna say tht again?" i said standing in front of the pool acting like i was gonna throw her in. "no i was saying how cute you are! now put me down harry!!" jasmine said i put her down and kissed her "youre so cute!" i said. "alright lover boy we gotta go work on the new songs for the album" Liam said "album?? are yall like a band?" jasmine said. she didnt know we were One Direction?? "yeah we're One Direction." niall said "wait a minute! you guys are One Direction!!! i heard you guys on the radio i love you guys i just never saw pictures of you guys!" jasmine said. Oh she did know who we were but she never knew what we looked like, oh well still love her. "so we should probably start writing the new song." louis said "oh should i leave?" jasmine said. "no!" me and the boys said. jasmine just looked at all of us and smiled, "okay let me call my mom and tell her real quick." she said. "okay!"

*Jasmine's P.O.V* i walked away from the boys to call my mom when i saw a text message from ??? when i was outside with the boys "why wont you understand this isnt gonna be over until you're mine jas. Harry wont always be there save you neither will the boys.-???" i just deleted the message, i was scared yes but maybe it will blow over... i hope. i called my mom like i was going to in the first place "hello?" my mom said "hey mom im staying at Harry's for awhile is that okay?" "yes if your staying over make sure you call me young lady i was scared out of my mind yesterday!" my mom said "im sorry mom ill call if i do. bye love you!" i said then hung up. 2 days till Christmas break ... just 2 days. Cant wait.

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