You belong with me

17 year old Jasmine had to transfer schools and has to make new friends, handle new classes, and has to mange her mom being away more. But happens when she meets a new boy she could be falling for? And what will happen when another boy will do anything to destroy that? Find out in You Belong With Me!


1. New school

my first day at a new high school, I got transferred to the school because my old school was getting shut down for some odd reason. "jasmine you're gonna be late for your first day hurry up!!" my mom yelled at me from the kitchen. "Why are they shutting down my school? Why can't they shut down someone else's school?" I said. "jas, stop complaining you might actually like this school" she said "oh yeah sure!" I said then walked out to my car and drove to the school. I got out and went to the main office and they gave me my schedule for my classes, my first class was math. Great way to start off the day at a new school! I walked around to find my class and I finnaly found it, I walked in and went to the teacher "hi jasmine, I'm mrs.Wilson. Okay, let's find you a seat." she said and looked at the seating chart. "you can sit next to Harry. Harry raise your hand." I looked over and saw harry's hand in the air, I walked over and sat in the seat next to him. Mrs.Wilson looked at the computer "oh it looks like Harry youre gonna show jasmine around today you both have all the same classes." Harry looked at me "I'm Harry!" he said and smiled "I'm jasmine." I said and smiled back. "that's a really pretty name." he said "thank you." I said "Harry,you have enough time to flirt with our new student later it's time to work." mrs.Wilson said. I blushed and looked over at Harry, he smiled and looked back at his desk. *45 minutes passed and the bell rang* "off to our history class!" Harry said and looked at me. I smiled, we got up and walked to our history class and the rest of the day went like that until lunch came. I got my food and was looking for Harry cause I didn't know anyone else. Then someone bumped into me, "will you watch where you're- oh I'm so sorry I should have been looking where I was going. I'm micheal and you are?" he said "I'm jasmine" I said well it's nice to meet you jasmine. I'll see you around." he said and winked. I looked down and smiled then looked up and saw Harry looking at me, so I walked over to him. He kinda just looked at me, "are you okay Harry?" I said "yeah I'm fine." he said then just looked at his food.
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