love is love

chloe was just an average girl perfect brown hair emerald blue eyes and slightly pink lips until one day she got kicked out of her house by her sister what will she do now? who is the certain band member from one direction hat will sweep her of her feet? find out in love is love


2. are you sure?

"whos there" i said all the sudden i bumped into someoneand that someone was harry styles"im so sorry love i didnt see u there r u hurt oh im so sor-" "dont be im fine ill..... just be on my way" ya to nowwhere i thank to myself "where do u live ill walk you home?' harry said "ok listen i just got kicked out of my house so i have no home" i said almost on the verge of tears "oh you have a home and that would be with me come along"harry said " no no no i cant ill find my way somewhere somehow but i cant just come in to your house" i said"oh yes you can and you will" harry said firmly "ar-are you sure" "if i dodnt want you to stay with me i would have never said anything now come on uh- oh chloe .... nice bag" he said and we walked off to his house talking the whole way

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