love is love

chloe was just an average girl perfect brown hair emerald blue eyes and slightly pink lips until one day she got kicked out of her house by her sister what will she do now? who is the certain band member from one direction hat will sweep her of her feet? find out in love is love


1. Alone? Not at all

"I DON'T CARE WHAT SHE SAID I DIDN'T SAY IT" i was fighting with my sister lisa again she never believes me when her daughter tells he something that i did always believes her daughter "GET OUT AND NEVER COME BACK GO PACK UR CRAP!!!!!!!!!!" "FINE I WILL" i went to my room filled my 5 suitecases with all my stuff including my one direction stuff and left great im all alone i dont even know where i am until i heard a footstep behind me 



sryy for the short chapter ill update more tonight im at a frinds house

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