The Getaway

Addie is 18 and going to college in the Fall. To celebrate getting into RISD, one of the top art schools in the US, she goes on a two week trip to visit her friend in London, where her friend will be attending college. Little does she know this trip will change her life forever.


4. What is going on?

"So where ya from?" Niall is honestly too cute, I don't know how I couldn't have seen it before.

"Born and raised right here in LA!" I replied. I'm proud of where I live. You aren't judged because you're different, you're respected. 

"That's cool!" He replied, "I'm from Mullingar, Ireland." Of course I already knew this. Should I tell him I know about One Direction? I bit my lip, unsure.

I saw him staring at my lips and didn't know what to say when I blurted out, "Yeah I know!" I could see the shock in his eyes as they met mine, "I used to kind of like your music a few years ago."

He smiled, "Oh, really? You didn't seem to recognize me before." I could tell just by the tone of his voice that he was pleased with himself.

I didn't want him to know I was such a crazed fan years ago so I just replied, "Yeah well I knew your first two albums somewhat but then I kind of stopped listening when my music tastes changed a little bit. But I of course had to let my little sister in on your music before I stopped listening so I do hear the occasional new song that she's blasting from her room." 

He laughed, "Well I'm glad to hear that." 

I bit my lip, drawing his attention back to my lips, it was a natural response nowadays, "She would kill to be talking to you right now. But if I told her she'd probably never believe me anyway."

"Well maybe we'll have to take a picture to prove it to her." He smiled, "Do you have a camera?" Lemme think, HELL YA! I had three in my carry-on alone. I didn't trust putting them in a bag where they would be tossed around and possibly ruined down below. One of the fields that I was majoring at RISD was photography actually. 

"Yea! I have one in my carry on." I pointed up to where it was. He leapt up, tossing a look back to Harry yet again, and brought my bag back down. He sat down next to me again, let me remind you these seats were almost as big as small benches! I unzipped my bag and looked at the three cameras that were placed right on top. Hmmmm which one?

"You have one camera? You mean three?" He laughed at his own joke. I grabbed the old-fashioned one that prints out the picture right after it's taken and stuck it out right in front of us.

"Say cheeeeese." The camera's flash went off and out came the picture. It would take a few minutes for the image to come out so I started shaking it. 

"Woah, I haven't seen one of those things in ages," He responded in awe.

"Yea, I'm kind of a camera junkie," Well thats sounds classy. I glanced at the picture, should I ask him to sign it? I mean that would be sick but I mean I am eighteen and that seems kind of weird to do now..... 

I took out my fine point sharpie to write the date in the bottom right corner when he took it from me and signed on his side of the image. "Thanks," I smiled. I whipped out my phone to send one to Bellie as soon as we landed and said, "One more?"

He nodded in reply. I took one regular and started to take an over head shot (I know I only said one but he didn't stop me, so why should I?!) when two large hands grabbed my phone from behind me. I obviously knew who the child was sitting behind me so I gave Niall the "one sec" signal and climbed over the seat....gracefully obviously. 

And there he was, Harry Styles, just sitting there acting all innocent and shocked that I had just climber over the seat. 

"Can I help you?" He asked in that deep voice of his. I took my eyes off his face to look down for one second to realize I was half sitting on him....smooooth. I scooched over as far as I could until I met the wall. I was still obviously too close for comfort in my opinion and he had plenty of room to move over on the other side but of course, he didn't. 

"Um, yea, you actually can. You see someone has stolen my phone and I'd really like to know who it was and if you could help me find him." I narrowed my eyes at him.

He gave me a cheeky smile, "Well what does it look like."

"Oh give it up," I extended my hand to him and gave him my best mad look. You see though, I kind of still have a baby face and can't really pull off a mad look, pretend or not. I usually just look silly or stupid.

He laughed, "Well I'll give it up on one condition." 

"I'm listening."

"A picture, you seem to like to do that sort of thing." He got all serious and I know my face turned redder than a tomato. 

"Sure," I replied, "I guess that seems fair." I heard a sigh from above me and saw a little blond tuft of hair get up and move to the seat in front of him. I felt bad but a deal's a deal. I don't see what the big deal is, it's just a picture right?

I brought my camera up and smiled, looking towards Harry to make sure he was doing the same. He looked back, extremely close to me. I turned back to the camera and smiled as the flash went off. He picked up the sharpie that had fallen out of my hand and signed his picture just as Niall had. 

I held out my hand once again, "Phone please." 

He threw me the puppy dog face and batted his eye lashes and asked, "One more?" Before I could say anything he whipped out my iphone and snapped the picture as he pecked my cheek. Now this may not seem like a big deal to any of you but I have never been kissed by a boy before. No, not even on the cheek. I know I'm eighteen and that's just pathetic but I was still so shocked that time stopped.

When I finally realized what just happened I snatched my phone out of his hands and quickly pulled myself over and back into my seat. Thank you tennis lessons for giving me muscles I would have not had. I placed my stuff on my lap, all flustered. What is going on?

A/N- He again guys! I hope you all got the chance to buy or at least listen to the songs on the new CD by the boys! How are you liking the story? Once again, leave any comments/questions/suggestions/predictions below that you have. Who do you thing Addie should end up with? Niall Harry or neither? Let me know in the comments! Love, Addie!

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