The Getaway

Addie is 18 and going to college in the Fall. To celebrate getting into RISD, one of the top art schools in the US, she goes on a two week trip to visit her friend in London, where her friend will be attending college. Little does she know this trip will change her life forever.


3. It's going to be a looong flight

I opened the window on my left as the seatbelt light went off. I hated the climb but once we got above the clouds, the view was breathtaking. The clouds were white and puffy and went on for miles and miles. They looked like you could sit right on top of them and they'd feel like cotton candy.
"Wow." I gasped.
"The view sure is beautiful, huh love?" Niall made me jump as he turned around in his seat yet again.
"Yeah, it sure is." I replied taking another look. Just then I realized that I had never actually gone to the bathroom and kind of had to go. I looked down, great, no shoe on my left foot. I can't put my sneaker back on, that would hurt as hell. Oh yea! I threw a pair of flip-flops in my larger carry on Before I left this morning. But where is my bag? Oh yea I had to put it up high because it was too large too fit on the ground. Oops.
I got up and into the aisle, taking off my other shoe. I jumped up to click open the compartment and landed with a sharp pain shooting through my ankle.
"Ah," I moaned. I prepared to jump again to get my bag but two large hands stopped me.
"I'll get it love!" I looked to my left and saw none other than The Harry Style. Holy Shit. Oh god, what do I do now?! Okay, okay, just act natural. You don't even like One direction anymore, remember? He brought down my bag with ease and placed it gently in my arms.
"Here you go!" He shot me that award winning smile that would always make me melt.
"Thanks so much! I really appreciate it."
"No problem." He replied, not sitting back down. I awkwardly smiled and sat down to put on my shoes. Did that just really happen?? I just talked to fricking Harry Styles!!! I slipped on my sandals and got up to notice him still standing there.....awkwaaaard.
"Hi....again." Way to put on the moves Addie.
"Hi, can I put your bag up for you?" No shit. Well I should've seen that coming. Obviously that's what he was still standing there for. I mentally face palmed myself.
"Here," I mumbled, "Thanks again." I began to hop to the back of the plane to use the restroom when he grabbed my arm, sending shivers down my spine, and spun me around.
"Let me help you, I wouldn't want you to injure yourself anymore." Oh my god, why does everyone think I need help? Well I'm not complaining, this is Harry Styles we're talking about here. I just nodded in shock as he carried me just like Niall had not that long ago. We made it back with ease and I quickly closed the bathroom door behind me, trying to comprehend what had just happened. Harry Styles just half carried me to the bathroom. All those feelings that I had felt at the beginning of high school started coming back. Im on the same plane as Harry Styles and Niall Horan and probably the rest of One Direction.
"Are you okay love?" Harry's voice confirmed that this was all real. I quickly went to the bathroom and hobble out.
"Perfect." I smiled. He helped me back and sat down behind me. Just as soon as I sat down, Niall had come over to Share my seat with me.
"How's the foot?" He asked smiling.
"Great," I replied. What was going on with these boys?? Guys never talk to me, this was all so new. As I was looking down thinking, I couldn't help but notice out of the corner of my eye that Niall turned around and was giving Harry a look. What was that all about?
It's going to be a looooong flight.

A/N: Hey guys! I hope you all liked the new chapter I'll try to update tonight and almost every weekday. Remember to leave suggestions/comments/predictions below! How do you guys like the story so far?? How are the chapter lengths?? That's all for now! Love Addie
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