The Getaway

Addie is 18 and going to college in the Fall. To celebrate getting into RISD, one of the top art schools in the US, she goes on a two week trip to visit her friend in London, where her friend will be attending college. Little does she know this trip will change her life forever.


1. Close Call

"Hurry up! Hurry up, I'm gonna miss my flight!"

"Oh calm down! You're going to make it. Even if you don't, you can always see Sarah when she comes home for winter break." Of course, my mom has made it her mission to make me not go to London. First, she refused to let me go. And when I bought the tickets anyway, she tried to get me to sell them. But when she finally realized I'm 18 and can do what I want, she said she wanted to take me to the airport to say her final goodbyes. She was an hour late to pick me up, an hour! Then she had to get gas, of course! Now my flight leaves in fifteen minutes and I still have to go through security, I better make it. 

"Thank God, we're here. Just stop right here, I'll run up to the entrance." I leaned across the car to give her a hug, "Bye, love you!"

"Be safe! And call me as soon as you land!" I nodded and ran to the trunk to grab my suitcases. I don't get what the big deal is. It's just two weeks. Then I'll be back in her possession for a whole week before I go off to college. Yea I understand that she'll miss me, I mean I am going halfway across the country to college, but it's not like she'll never see me again. This is RISD we're talking about and the fact that I got into one of the top art schools in the US is just unreal and an opportunity that I just can't pass up. 

"Hi, how can I help you?" The airport lady interrupted me from my thoughts.

"Hi, I'm just wondering which port I need to go to for the direct flight from LA to London, England."

"Yes, one moment." Come on, come onnnn. "Ah, here we are, port 64. Oh, but I have bad news, the security doors just closed and I'm afraid once that happens you cannot get onto the plane."

"What?! I missed it?? But the plane hasn't left yet, I still have ten minutes!"

"Yes, I'm well aware, but you are not permitted behind the doors once they have been locked unless it is an extreme emergency."

"Well, what do I do now then?" This can't be happening, maybe I'm just having a nightmare?

"Well I could look for any available seats on another flight to London if you just take a seat right over there."

"Yes....Thank you." I can't believe this. I plopped down on the seat she gestured towards and put my head in my hands. Please, just one seat, one seat. 

"Miss?" My head shot right up. Oh God, please be good news. I ran up to the counter.

"Okay, well we don't have any direct flights available for at least another two days, but there is one flight in three hours that goes to New York then you have a one hour layover then a flight to London. Instead of arriving at six a.m. you will arrive at ten. Would that be okay, or would you rather wait for a direct flight?"

"Yes. Yes, YES! Thank you so much!!" Oh, thank god! 

"Alright, now there is only first class available, but since you are not flying direct, there is only a fifty dollar switching fee."

"Of course, thats fine." I grabbed my wallet and feeded her the money gratefully, "Thank you again!" I watched as my new ticket was being printed out, my smile beaming. 

Handing me the ticket, she replied, "Now in the future, so nothing like this happens again, we recommend that you arrive at the airport two hours before your flight takes off, three for international flights." Well no duh, I wouldve been on time if it wasn't for my mother. I just nodded and looked at the ticket she handed to me. Port 23, not bad, just about five minutes away. 

I sat down at a charging station and plugged in my laptop to go on twitter and save phone battery. 

"Close call" I tweeted as I whispered it to myself.

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