My Best Friend

Jenna has a perfect life. Good grades, a perfect boyfriend, amazing friends. She is talented with the guitar and piano, and her singing voice is okay. She also is best friends with an international superstar, Zayn Malik.

But what happens when Zayn starts to fall for her when he comes down to visit, and Jenna finds it hard to choose between her boyfriend of 4 months, Beau, and her best friend since childhood, Zayn.

Who will Jenna choose?


3. Zayn is here!

"ZAYN!" I hear Doniya shout from across the street. I shoot up from my bed, grab the mustaches, but then I see a paint set. I pick that up knowing that Zayn would love it. And run over there in the tank top and pants I'm in. I ignore my parents who ask me where I'm going, and continue running. I missed him so much.

"He's here!" Waliyha tells me, "I know I heard your sister from across the street, I tell Zayn and Doniya's little sister outside. I follow Waliyha into the house to see Zayn hugging his other little sister, Safaa. "Zayn!" I smile, as he turns around. "Jenna.." he smiles, kind of out of breath. "I missed you." I say into his ear. "I missed you too." he smiles. "Jenna, do you have something for Zayn?" Doniya snaps me out of it. I was so surprised to see him, he looked so different from how I remembered. He looked so handsome. "Oh yeah. This one is from me and your sisters," I say, giving him the set of mustaches. "Ah, very nice." he smiles, scanning it. "Me and the boys would love this." he smirks at me. "Oh, and this." I say, giving him the magazine sized paint set.

"A paint set?" he smiles. "Thank you! I was determined to get one, but I never got the chance." he smiles. "Oh, and Zayn I've got something for you as well." his mum, Trisha calls him. "Alright, more presents." he rubs his hands together. Doniya laughs. I sit down next to her and look at her. I start to smile and she does as well. "Wait, just a sec, you didn't tell me about that paint set." she points her finger in my face. "Sorry, I saw it at the last minute, and like you always told me, Zayn wanted a painting set. So.." I explain to her.

"Riiight. And stop with all the lovey dovey looks. You've got a boyfriend." she warns me. I look at her mesmerized. "What the hell, Doniya, Zayn is my bestfriend, I'm never gonna date him, and besides, I love Beau with all my heart." I defend myself. "And that's what you told me about Beau.. Now your dating your bestfriend.. Explain that?" she smirks at me. "Well, he actually asked me out. And we've known eachother for a while so it was about time that I went out with him and he looked like he was about to cry if I said no so I said yes." I tell her.

"You have a boyfriend?" Zayn smiles. "Yeah." I look at him, surprised. "Well, what's his name?" Zayn comes in closer. "Beau." I smirk. "Ahh, that kid. I want to get to know him." he smiles. "Riight." Doniya smirks to the side. "Um, sure.." I laugh. "Right.." Zayn says. "So, where is the other half of One Direction?! Safaa comes in, jumping up and down. She was a little directioner, she had a crush on Niall. "With their families." Zayn kneels down at her. "Can we meet them again?" Safaa asks Zayn. "Well, I'm not sure, because we do need a break from eachother too." he laughs. "But sometime this month, I promise." He holds onto her waist. "Okay." she smiles. "Oh, come here." Zayn says, getting a handlebar mustache out of the packet. "Zayn what ar-" Safaa laughs as he puts a mustache on her. She starts to laugh, and runs to go show her mum.

"So, back to your boyfrannd." Zayn makes fun of me. I roll my eyes. "How long have you been together?" he smiles, looking interested. "Ehm, 4 months." I smile. "Damn." he smirks. "Doniya, do you have a boyfriend?" he turns his attention to Doniya. "Yeaahhh.." she trails off. "Joey. His name is Joey." I say. "Zayn love, don't worry about me. If anything, I should be worrying about my little brother." she says in a baby voice, pursing her lips. "Shut upp!" he laughs.


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