My Best Friend

Jenna has a perfect life. Good grades, a perfect boyfriend, amazing friends. She is talented with the guitar and piano, and her singing voice is okay. She also is best friends with an international superstar, Zayn Malik.

But what happens when Zayn starts to fall for her when he comes down to visit, and Jenna finds it hard to choose between her boyfriend of 4 months, Beau, and her best friend since childhood, Zayn.

Who will Jenna choose?


1. My Typical Life

"It's time for dinner!" my mother sings. Me, my sisters and my brother walk into the kitchen sitting down.

I sit on the left side, the middle seat, my youngest sister sits on the left of me, and my eldest sister sits on the right. My brother sits on the left with my dad and mum.

"So, Jenna, you and Beau are getting a little serious?" my mum says, cutting a piece of her salmon and putting it in her mouth with a fork and chewing with her mouth closed.

"Yeah," I awkwardly say, eating. "Remember, there's condoms in the closet." my father jokes. "Daddy?" my eldest sister, Emily scolds him. "I don't want your sister coming home knocked up!" he defends himself. "Okay, that's enough Will." mum stops him. "Right." he stops himself. "So Noah, how's school babe?" I ask my youngest sibling. "I don't like it." he whines.

"Why not?" Tamara, my youngest sister asks. "There is a boy named Parker who wants to be me uup." he cries. "That's not good.." Emily says. "Noah, you kick that boys butt like Batman does to The Joker!" I tell him. "Now, Jenna and Noah, there's no need to get violent." my mum stops us. "We're not like you mum. We've grown up in a different generation." I protest her. "Jennasis, don't get mouthy with me young lady." she points her fork at me. "Mouthy? I'll get mouthy all I want! I grew up violent and I'm okay? I'm giving Noah street smarts. If he grows up like you mum, he's not going to know what to do." I mouth at her. "Jennasis April! Get your bum up to your room. You can eat in your room you little brat!" my mum punishes me. "Fine with me." I say, sitting up pushing the chair out making a schreeching noise. Grabbing my plate and stomping upstairs.

I sit down on my bed and eat. This has been a normal routine for me and mum. We've been fighting every night since last months. I'm Jenna April Mirchoff. I'm roughly 18 years old. My life isn't perfect, even though people say it is. I mean, my grades are fine, my boyfriend is perfect, I'm close with my siblings, but I'm drifting from my parents. Everyone in school says I'm spoiled. I can't say I'm not.. Oh, and have I mentioned that I'm best friends with an international superstar? Yeah, Zayn Malik. My best friend is his sister Doniya. But I don't tell anyone. Like, no one knows except my family and his. I have enough friends though. I have two best friends named Ashley and Kat. They're also my ground besides Zayn and Doniya.

My boyfriend Beau, is the most kind, wonderful and affectionate boy I know. He's the kind of boy you bring home to your parents. I finish eating my salmon and asparagus, and put it on my night table. I take my phone out and call Doniya.

"Hello?" she asks.

"Hey." I say. "Oh my gosh hi! I've some news!" she cries. "What?" I smile, sitting up. "The boys are taking a break and Zayn is coming down to visit!" she says. "Oh my gosh! I'm so excited! When? I've gotta get him something.." I say, picking up a purple marker and walking over to my calendar. "The 13th." she says. "Oh my god, three days?" I jump up and down. "Yeah! You can sleep over, he's coming down on a Friday, so." she says. "Perfection! I shall see you then, Ms.Malik?" I kid. "You shall Ms.Mirchoff! Bye love ya!" she hangs up. I smile and lay down. I'll be seeing my best friend in three days!

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