My Best Friend

Jenna has a perfect life. Good grades, a perfect boyfriend, amazing friends. She is talented with the guitar and piano, and her singing voice is okay. She also is best friends with an international superstar, Zayn Malik.

But what happens when Zayn starts to fall for her when he comes down to visit, and Jenna finds it hard to choose between her boyfriend of 4 months, Beau, and her best friend since childhood, Zayn.

Who will Jenna choose?


2. A Past Surprise for You..

"What would Zayn like though Doniya?" I say, looking through the clothing. "Ehm, something, hipstery." she helps me. "Right.." I say. "Let's go to like, Spencer's or somthing." I laugh. We both agree, and walk forward to the Spencer's store.


"Mustaches?" I ask. "Perfect!" Doniya laughs. We pay for the mixed variety of mustaches, and leave the store. 

Today's the day before Zayn comes down. Me and Doniya are buzzing, not just because we had about, 3 cups of Starbucks, but we got to see our favorite boy in less then 24 hours. Me and Doniya go back to her house to fill up on Ben & Jerry's while watching the Up All Night tour. "Isn't it funny that your watching your brother be loved up by thousands of screeching girls?" I laugh, as I chew on the chocolatey taste of the cream. "Yeah.." she smiles. "But why not, you know?" she giggles.

"I can't believe he already has a second album.." I look up, flashing back to when we first met..

-10 years ago, August 13-

"Jenna baby! A little girl has moved next door! She came by to say hello to you!" my mum rubs my shoulder as I got back from my 23rd day of 3rd grade. "Can I go mum? Can I?" an excited 8 year old me jumps up and down. "Of course, go right ahead!" she rubs my back. I smile widely and run across to next door. I run up the front steps and ring the doorbell. "Hello!" a tall, black haired woman looks down at me. "Hi!" I smile. "Are you here for Doniya?" she asks, kneeling down to my level. "Yeah!" I say breathily. "Ok, I'll go get her." she smile. Then the little girl with wavy hair comes running over to me, and a cute little Zayn standing in the back ground behind her. That's when me and Doniya first became friends, we instantly clicked.

-How Zayn and I became friends-

I was sitting outside my house, I was now 9. I always sat under the big Oak tree in my front yard, I sang to my self for a while. Then, apparently Zayn was listening to me sing. "Jenna, your good." he says, startling me. "Zayn! What we're you doing!" I say, looking at him sternly. "I'm sorry! But, Doniya wanted me to get you." he says, sitting down in front of me. "Right." I look down. "Why don't we ever talk?" I ask, as he sits next to me. "Because your Doniya's friend.. Not mine." he says. "Well.. I want to be your friend too Zayn." my voice higher at the end of the sentence.

"I do too.." he turns to me. 

"Hey, have you ever kissed?" Zayn turns to me. "No." I look up at the pink sky. "Oh," he looks down. "Neither have I, yet.." he smirks at me. "What-" and that's when he kissed me. 

I look at him my face flushed my eyes wide open. "Zayn! What's wrong with you!" I stand up. "Sorry.." he looks down. I look at him and he looks all sad.. Besides it wasn't that bad.. "Look, just, let's not tell Doniya." I smile at him. "So, we're just friends, right?" he looks up. "Of course!" I hug him. "Always and forever.." I smile.



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