Once Upon A Hearbreak

Elise is sent by her mother to a boarding school and there is where she learns or love, friendship, and heartbreak


12. Elise

Elise had started screaming and crying. When someone else came, they called and ambulance and when it came it took Pamela away.

"Oh dear” Elise mummbled. She hadn’t wished to kill her but, knock her unconscious. “I frickin fail!” She wailed.

She wished it had been her, she regretted her actions and she couldn’t think of anything but knew she regretted it.

On the truck which, Pamela was in there was a lot of commotion. Doctors were trying to find a pulse and some were preparing a shock thing to bring her back if she was dead. A doctor, whose name was Dan thought she would make it and of course, knew she would make it, for, he found a pulse.

Her heart had been going at a nice, and steady pace.

Whether or not she made it, he wanted her to for, he was her father.
Believe it or not elise was on her way to the hospital she wanted to make sure that Pamela was okay.

When she got there she saw that Pamela was indeed okay. Just a minor concussion. You would think that it would do more damage Elise thought, so, whatever

Relief. A six letter word that means so much and so litte the word is used regularly. Like, relief flooded through so and so and maybe relief was that on thing that whoever fe

T when that burden was lifted.

That’s what I felt when I found out that palm was breathing steadily.

“Hey,” I heard an all too familiar voice say. Stephen. “Why did you do that o poor old Pamela?”

“None of you business so step back and back up, your on my turf.”
" pushy feisty and wow." he shook his head In mock disappointment.

“Whatever. I have my reasons for doing things and you have yours difference is that you are not being questioned.”

He gave me a confused look that meant he was freaking and his facial expressions showed internal debates an ton of it.

“Exscuse me, sir and mam but, Are you two here to look at Pamela?” we nodded. “come here fears.” she smiled lightly.

She brought us into her room and I saw Pamela’s pale skin. Lovely.
“Hey, Elise?” she croaked.


“Why, why, and why?” she let out before she closed her eyes sighing and falling asleep again.
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