Once Upon A Hearbreak

Elise is sent by her mother to a boarding school and there is where she learns or love, friendship, and heartbreak


11. Elise

Blech! That dishonest, prick is soooooo gonna get hit with a brick. Real hard.
Yeah, that one quote is so true:
If people could read my mind I’d probably be at a mental institue… Or jail.
It’s at climax of story, right here, right now. I think it’s at like, the middle of story. Wow!! Oh and considering the fact ther is only like ten to fifteen chapters left ther is gonna be a mother book in the series! That’s right! A series would you all take them into consideration and take a look at it if I do?? Please comment
Lol jail. Although they would know about the guy I saw someone murder someone. oh wait, that was a book I read. Okay.
Flipping the pages of my seventeen magazine I just stared at everything. So cool.
A leather jacket with a haulter top and relaxed jeans with huge holes in them.
My mom would be so proud. Her rebel brick throwing mania named Elise. This is amazing. I heard that they have brick launchers. I am sooo totally buying those. Just imagine it. Me, launching a brick into the side of Pamela’s head. Totally epic.
I went to Atwoods and bought a couple bricks and a sling shot… This would be soo fun.
I waited a few hours until Pamela came through the door with tear stains in her eyes. I almost stopped and didn’t throw it. But then I thought again.
Well, here goes nothing here goes everything. Gotta reach for something or we fall for everything. (A/N: This is a part of a song)
I pulled the sling shot back and let go making it hit her stomach. She gasped fort air.
I opened a window and I threw the weapons out of it.
Pamela gasped for air again and she was knocked out.
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