Once Upon A Hearbreak

Elise is sent by her mother to a boarding school and there is where she learns or love, friendship, and heartbreak


9. Elise

• I guess I should’ve finished my sentence. Which I clearly remember thinking about saying, “I can take care of myself but, I don’t know if I’m ready.” I wonder if I really should go on this date. I mean it’d be my first date, embarrassing much?

Anyway Steven will be at my dorm soon anyway. * knock knock * Yay! Wait, I haven’t changed yet, oops. I hope he’s okay with my robe and bunny slippers. I opened the door.

“Surprise! I didn’t change so you either live with my choice of a robe and slippers or, just ditch me cause you hate my lack of real clothes,” I said without looking up.

“Hey there. You really should change. Go I brought you some clothes.” THat wasn’t Steven that was, Pamela!!

“Thank goodness it was you.”

“Aw, what would you do without me?

“I’d I don’t know.”

I left to go get changed the dress was all fancy, and white!! Everyone knows I just don’t do white. Truthfully, on my wedding I was going to wear a black dress with boots. See I don’t even do heels, except for my precious cowboy boots!! (A/N: Yes I do use exclamation marks a lot!!! see there I go with the exclamations! Ahhh!!!)

A few minutes after I got dressed Steven came, perfect timing.

He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Grrrrrrrr, I hate Pamela. Wow it’s so easy how one second you can love someone but, a few seconds later you can hate their living guts. Bleh terribly gross thought, guts…

“You know that I’m here” A voice scared me also known as Steven. He made me jump and blush. “Why aren’t you dressed up?”

“I was taking you to the carnival.” He blushed.

“How sweet. Let me change.” On the outside I was all sweet but truthfully, I was growling because of the fact that I could barely get the stupid dress off. Well by the time I was done it was already about 9O’clock. Did it really take that long? Oh, yeah time flies by fast when your trying to get a death suit off. Guess I’d have to cancel for today.

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