Once Upon A Hearbreak

Elise is sent by her mother to a boarding school and there is where she learns or love, friendship, and heartbreak


7. Elise

“So, once you left he told me to post on my facebook you were the hottest girl I’ve seen. I want an explanation.” He said, not sounding the least bit mad or annoyed.

“Well, first of all. I didn’t feel like kissing him.”

“What about me?”

“Er, um I don’t-”

He kissed me. I didn’t resist Oh No Pamela’s going to be ticked. I decided to pull away. But not fast enough for his tongue to collide into mine, sending sparks everywhere.
“Woah.” I said regretfully.

“Oh yeah.” he said. What a flirt.

I rolled my eyes and said, “I can’t do this, Pamela is going to kill me. I gotta go.” And with that I ran off away from him wishing I hadn’t kissed him.

I kept running till I got to the library. I saw Pamela. Crying.

“He broke up with you already Pamela!”

“Well, once you find out his secret you’ll be the dumper as in you’ll dump him.” She cried.

I decided to go back to my room and think about everything that’d happened over the last ten minutes.
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