Once Upon A Hearbreak

Elise is sent by her mother to a boarding school and there is where she learns or love, friendship, and heartbreak


3. Elise

When the bell rang everyone quickly got up and went to the lunchroom. While everyone was talking, I was yelling for them to start shutting the heck up. They then, started telling me to. Eh, bad idea.

My mom worked here at the college so I had a bit of authority so yeah. She was a teacher and the cook. Surely she’d listen to me. Like, I could tell her to spit in the food well, except mine. I chuckled at the thought.

My boyfriend, Kai

“Hey baby,” I said twirling my hair in my hands.

“All the freshman and sophomores are coming to my party well, except you and that Elise chick. Wanna come?”

Sure, why not I thought to myself, “Yeah!”

“Great, do you think you can convince that other girl?”
Sure thing, right after I beat you in an arm wrestle.

“I don’t want her to come and obviously YOU do. So, YOU can convince her and ermphasis on the YOU!” With that I strutted off like a beauty queen.
Now back to my before thoughts. Oh yeah, convince mommy.

“Momma,” I started, “Can you do something bad to everyone’s food? Here’s a list of things you do for, certain people.”

“Sure thing sweet, I can.”

And it happened right then my mom gave them a salad, and a side of hate. Thanks to me. I walked away, laughing.

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