Once Upon A Hearbreak

Elise is sent by her mother to a boarding school and there is where she learns or love, friendship, and heartbreak


2. Elise

Finally after hours of being on the plane we arrived! Man, I may not have wanted to go but I wanted to get off the horrid plane. At last I was in front of Poppins International College.

When we got in we got a paper that had all the information. Including what dorm you’re staying in.

I got in my dorm and this girl was already unpacking her things and the usual things you might do. I looked at my sheet it said I’d be with Brooklyn Pembroke. Well, guess she must be Brooklyn Pembroke. When I finally fixed up my bed she was hanging posters of celebs and like the Eiffel tower and Autographs she had of different people.

“Hey, I’m Brooklyn and I am going to be your dorm buddy!” She said sarcastically. Don’t think I’m thrilled about it either!

“And I’m Elise! Hey, who is everyone in your poster?”

“What posters?’ I pointed to the pictures she was taping to the wall. “Oh, those, yeah, those aren’t posters they’re pictures of what I draw,” She seemed to glow when she said all that. “And that’s how I got here; they need a person who can do portraits.” She shrugged. “How did you get here?"

“Aw the usual, being smart.” I said acting sophisticated but ended up laughing after like 7 seconds. Once again she glowed. But, this time she actually glowed, like a candle.

That night we talked a lot about our hometown and about ourselves until we fell sound asleep.
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