Once Upon A Hearbreak

Elise is sent by her mother to a boarding school and there is where she learns or love, friendship, and heartbreak


1. Elise

My mother didn't love me. That was the exact reason why she sent me to this blasted boarding school in England.

I remember when I was traveling over the Pacific to it. I was near the front of the plane, and I sat down by a girl, who would soon become my mortal enemy. I set my extra stuff on the railing above my seat, and I got my iPod out. I put it on shuffle then I let sleep carry me away.

When I woke up to the sound of a girl asking me if I had a magazine she could read.

I shook my head at her angrily. She seriously interrupted me sleeping for a magazine? What a character. She was pretty, though. She had tan skin and soft auburn hair. Her thick, long lashes fluttered when she blinked. Eh.

"Why are you staring at me?" She asked me in a snobbish voice. She waited for a moment before raising an eyebrow at me. "Are you going to answer me or just stare dumbly? Well?"

After I stopped myself from throwing a profanity at her I stopped myself. "My name is Elise, and for your information, I was staring at the bug on your face." I lied to her.

She brushed her face, and she said to me simply, "Liar." She adjusted her body away from me.

I continued to stare, "What's your name?" I then questioned.

"Gracie." She said before she closed her eyes and drifted off into never wonderland.
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