This is My Life

Taylor Heath had a completely normal life. Always have. Always will. Nothing can change that. Not love, a patient, a cute boy with glasses and an artistic ability, her brother, a big-headed player or co-worker. Everything will always be the same.

At least that's what Taylor thought...

The first chapter is written by me, but the others are by a friend.


1. Part One

I wrote this so long ago, and I had high hopes that this would be a great book, but instead I decided I didn't want to write this, at all. And I gave up on it. So, this is a short, one chapter story dedicated to Darkxd, my first ever fan. I hope you enjoy it while it lasts. I may add more to it, but for right now, this satisfies me enough.

Snap. Crack. I cringed at the sound of the man's scream that held pain and misery. It was my job, though. I couldn't help it. He screamed as I snapped his shoulder back into place. A few more snaps left. Screaming followed after, but it soon stopped when I finished. Patient number fourteen, Clark Harris was in a fight, causing him to dislocate both shoulders, make his arm like jello, and so I, Taylor Heath, had to snap everything back into place.

Mr. Harris held his shoulder and winced in pain. I was finished with him, and now I had to head down to room 217 for patient number fifteen, Gavin Henderson. When I finished cleaning his wounds I washed my hands, and I checked out from work.

My job was as an assistant nurse, but since the nurse was sick with pneumonia and I was trained, I had to take on the job she did every day. At seventeen I had already seen horrible injuries and helped a surgeon. It wasn't on anything too bad, but surgery is surgery. I interned at Faith Hill Hospital, and the people there were nice enough, but if you ask me, they could be nicer. At least a little. It didn't help, though, that I was younger than any of them, and they never got the chance to do what I did at my age. They got over it.

I drove home in silence, and when I arrived to my tiny apartment I was greeted by my mother's dog, Puff, barking. My life had never been even close to perfect, and my mother barely came around to see Puff. My father was dead, and if it wasn't for my brother, I'd have gone insane. I guess you could say we kept each other grounded.

He lived at a University, but on random occasions he would pop in, and he would give me big, brotherly hugs and kisses, and he would have long meaningful talks with me. I glanced at the time.

It was time to feed Puff, and she nipped at my shoes until I finished getting her good for her.

I stared at her while she ate on, without a care in the world. I wish my life was like that. Instead, I was forced to be someone I'm not: A kind, loving, warmhearted nurse, who wished for nothing but to make her patients feel better. I didn't wish for that. I wanted a good life and friends and love. I wanted all of the cliché things any girl my age would want. I wanted a family.

I did go to high school. I did, but since I had high school I could rarely get much work done at the hospital. Thank goodness we have weekends. That's what today was. Saturday. I could only afford a small apartment because of how seldom I could go to work. But hey, twenty dollar rent for a seventeen year old girly, who practically lives by herself is an outstanding deal. It's not like I even needed a big, fancy house.

Saturday came and went, and at five the next morning it was time for me to head to work. The process repeated. I snapped people back into place and I left. It was an easy job, but it was also really weird. I don't think that a lot of people my age could do it. Sunday left me.

On Monday, Sweet and bitter Monday, I got to school in my normal attire, blue jeans and a white sweater. I had around fifteen white sweaters and a lot of jeans and capris and sneakers. I wore them all the time just because I liked it the most, and it was inexpensive.

When I got to my locker, people were surrounding it. I wasn't surprised. I knew it was not because of me, but it was because of Trent Grayson. He was the school's player, but that was all I knew about him. I didn't pay much attention to the whole popularity food chain. School was more important, because, if I kept my grades up and attended a few clubs and played a sport (good) of some sort. I would get a scholarship. Working at a hospital would also help a ton.

I kept my head down and walked to my locker quickly. I put my English and Calculus books into my locker, and I grabbed my Social Studies book and note book. It went by with a breeze. I doubt anyone even noticed me there. I glanced back at Trent and then rushed to first hour.

I have to admit, no matter how much I don't want to, but Trent was attractive. But when a guy has girls hanging on his arms and on every word he ways it's hard for him to notice you unless you are willing to sleep with him, which I am absolutely not. That's the last thing I have to think about.

I entered the classroom, and I sat down in my seat close to the window on the eastern side of the room. The bell rang, and I just stared at the board where the teacher, Mrs. Clarke, was writing down facts. I got out my notebook, and I opened it to a blank page.

I started writing facts and class began.

Four classes later...

Lunch was definitely a necessity at a public school like ours. Guys were as big as bulls, and girls (the athletic ones) ate a ton. Surprise, surprise, I think not. I got my food and sat down at a table with people already there. I wasn't necessarily friends with them, but I was in their crowd. I was okay with that. I slowly ate my potato and looked around the room.

Nothing was out of the ordinary. Seriously. The popular people were with the popular people. The Unpopular people were with the unpopular ones. My food was horrible, and it seemed like everyone was focusing solely on Trent

When I finished my food I grabbed my tray, threw it away, and I headed to the Library. On my way there I thought about everything. I was going to have to ask my teacher about the grade I got on my previous test. My nose wrinkled slightly as I thought about the whole ordeal.

Then I felt something run into my shoulder, causing me to look up quickly. There was a boy with cute glasses and a blue shirt with stripes on it. He was adorable.

"Sorry," I muttered. He did the same. When I was about to go I noticed the mess on the floor. His papers were scattered on the floor and he was frantically scrambling down to pick it up.

"Here, let me help you," I got down on my knees and helped him get all of his assignments. There was small bunch of papers left, and I grabbed it; and out of the corner of my eye I saw a drawing of a bird. I grabbed it individually.
I looked at him, secretly grinning inside. He blushed, "Yeah," he fixed his glasses, "I know it's not that good."

"Not that good!" I whisper yelled. "It's amazing!"

He stared at me awkwardly. I handed him his drawing and he scurried away like a little puppy. It was adorable. In a way. His short hair was dark brown and shaggy. He had deep, dark blue eyes. They were absolutely beautiful. I swear, if I had to stare at one thing for the rest of my life it would be those eyes.

I shook the thoughts from my head, and I checked my watch. IT was too late now. I would have to go to my locker and head to class. I did just that. The rest of school was normal and nothing out of the ordinary happened. I don't think so at least. I didn't see that boy again, though. That's too bad.

I headed to my apartment after school. When I got home I changed into short shorts and a white tank top. Puff was relentless, and she licked and licked me all over my body until I finally fed her when it was time.

That day was boring, and I know tomorrow won't be any different.

(c) Stick_With_Me
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