Chasing Rainbows

Be careful what you wish for, things are not what they seem


1. Is this all there is?

What to do with a windswept life?

Cold and barren, lashed with bitter rain it was

The flower of a youth faded and worn

Hopes, dreams, ambitions peeled away

Layer by layer, year by year

Drained into the vortex of the past.

The black dog of depression

Barking, howling, deep inside

Giving no peace, no hope, no comfort.

Only slowly did I see the speck of sunshine

Gleaming through the heavy storm tossed clouds

Rays of brilliance splayed across the sodden fields

Seeing off the dreary dismal dark.

And there, above it all, a rainbow!

Bright with colours, light and full of joy

Washing me clean, filling me with hope

How could I resist it's pull,

It drew me, held me, dazzled me anew

Each day with all it's colour and allure

Nothing compared to that sparkling flame

I chased it, but it won't be caught

It pulls away each time I draw close

And I finally I see its worthless charm

For what it really is

An illusion, a trick of the light

Cruelly empty of true meaning in my life

But then I notice others

Just like me, standing by,

Waiting for me to notice them

And shed the light

That glows from in my heart

It might not have the brilliance of the rainbow

But it's real and true

And worth so much more than that glittering sham









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