these are just imagines. i do make personal imagines so if you would like one just comment your name, your eye color, hair color, and who you want it with. i hope you enjoy this. please comment what you think.
thanks! :)


2. Niall for TayTay<3~1D

                   It was around lunch time and my friends and i decided to go to Nando's for lunch. When we arrived the waiter sat us down at a table close to the back. we ordered our drinks. I ordered Water while everone else ordered soda. A few minutes later a different waiter gave us our drinks and said " Sorry guys the other waiter is on his lunch break. So i will now serve you. My name is Niall, is there anything I can get you to eat?" I could not stop starring at him, but i managed to order chicken and a baked potato. he smiled and wrote down the order. Then he looked at me i didnt notice at first but he couldnt take his bright blue eyes off my bright green ones. When he finally did come back with the food  he said to me " whats your name, love?" i stuttered a little then said "Taylor." "thats a pretty name for such a pretty girl." i smiled and he walked back into the kitchen.... After everyone was done eating Niall came out with the check, he handed it directly to me. i wondered why and then i saw the bottom of it and it said "you guys dont have to pay a penny, i got you covered." i told everyone and they were suprised and shocked... before i could leave Niall blocked the door and gave me a hug, stroking my long blonde hair. when he pulled away he winked and gave me a small peice of paper with his phone number on it. I said "thanks maybe we could go have tea or eat somewhere on like saturday?" "sure!" he said and we left but the only thing i could think about was when the perfect time to call Niall was.

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