these are just imagines. i do make personal imagines so if you would like one just comment your name, your eye color, hair color, and who you want it with. i hope you enjoy this. please comment what you think.
thanks! :)


9. Niall for 1D_Niall

i was walking home from school when someone tapped me on shoulder. i turned around to find Niall Smiling with those bright blue eyes I yelled "NIALL!" and gave him a huge hug. we have been best friends for a really long time but with him being in a famous boy band i hardly ever got to see him. He said "Taylor! im so happy to see you i have missed you so much! How much homework do you have?" i replied with "I actually have nothing." "Yea! because i want to spend time with you, its been 3 months since i left for my tour." "yeah me too!" So we walked back to my house where we sat down on the couch and started to talk about, really anything. I had always had feelings for Niall but i really dont want to ruin our friendship, so i have never told him. After a while Niall said "lets play a game!" "okay what game do you want to play?" "umm... how about truth or dare?" "sounds good i will ask you first. Truth or dare?" "Dare!" he said. "okay i dare you to take off your shirt and run around outside yelling IM A CRAZY MAD MAN!" he laughed but did what i dared him to. i took a video of the whole thing he really did look like a crazy mad man. I was laughing the whole time. Then he came back and said "you happy, Taylor?" "yes!" i said inbetween laughing. We sat back down and he asked "Okay Truth or Dare?" "Truth" i said he laughed and said "baby!" so i said "well im not like you i wont run around outside yelling IM A CRAZY MAD MAN!" he laughed again! (it was really easy to make Niall laugh) He said "okay do you like me as a friend or as more than a friend?" I started blushing and mumbled "umm.... More than a friend." he smiled and started to blush. "Really? because i like you as more than a friend too!" I smiled i was about to say "truth or dare" before he said "dont ask me a question because my dare was going to be for you to kiss me! and i want you to do the dare too!" I smiled, blushed and said "okay." we leaned towards eachother until our foreheads were touching. i couldn't take it any longer so i kissed him. It was a quick kiss but very passionate. when we pulled away he smiled and then said "Uh... I need food." I stood up and said "me too" We both laughed and walked into the kitchen to find food for our hungry stomachs.





Authors note:

I hope you like these so far i would write a lot more but i dont have any requests. So if you would like an imagine then let me know by comenting your name, hair color, eye color, and what guy you would like it with.

Thanks! :)

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