these are just imagines. i do make personal imagines so if you would like one just comment your name, your eye color, hair color, and who you want it with. i hope you enjoy this. please comment what you think.
thanks! :)


7. Louis for Lucy123

I was sitting on a chair in the middle of Louis (my boyfriends) house. I was watching the Telly before i noticed that Louis was not there. So i got up and walked around a bit calling his name. When he didn't answer I walked over to my phone to call him, but someone put a password on it and i could not get into it. I set my phone down and the power went out! I got scared and tried to find my way back to my phone when something cold hit me in the back of the neck i reached my hand back and could feel this wet sting like stuff. I was really freaked out and started to run around the house. I could see a few shapes but that was it, until i saw a dark figure in the corner. I yelled for Louis but no one came. then there were red lights coming from the top of the figure. I screamed and yelled Louis, if your doing this please stop! I felt water or something warm drip down my back and then some more of the stringy stuff on my face! I yelled again saying HELP! SOMEONE HELP! PLEASE! then the lights turned on! I looked around and saw Louis standing in the corner with small red finger lights by his eyes. I ran up to him and said LOUIS DONT EVER DO THAT AGAIN! when i leaned in to hug him i noticed that it was a cardboard cut out of him! I called out LOUIS!! and then i heard laughing. so i turned around and saw Louis and Harry laughing so hard! I yelled IT WAS YOU!!?? then Louis said You should have seen you face, Lucy! "but... wait how did you do all that!" Harry was still laughing but managed to say we "taped small flashlights to that cut out of louis, and i was chasing you with a water gun full of warm water." he said holding up a squirt gun. then louis interruped by saying "and i was running around with silly string! oh and i turned the power off too!" they both started laughing again so i went into Louis room and locked the door. I was planning revenge! Louis and Harry most likley did not know i was gone so i had some time! I went into Louis closet and found more water guns and silly string. So i filled the guns with burning hot water and the other one with freezing cold water. Next I got a pair of Louis socks and filled them with the silly string and tied them at the top. I found Louis phone on his night stand. So i grabed it and downloaded a app that makes wolf and bear sounds. Then i was ready! I slowly opened the door and tip toed down to the base ment and turned the power off. I could hear screaming. I went back up stairs and walked into the living room where i could just see Louis and Harry freaking out in the corner. I walked over to them and sprayed hot water on louis he yelled "OWW THATS HOT!" and then he screamed. then i sparyed Harry too but with cold water he yelled "LUCY STOP THATS COLD AND I KNOW ITS YOU!" i slowly backed away with a evil grin and played one of the wolf sounds really loud! Louis screamed like a girl while Harry ran away crying like a baby! I threw one sock at Louis and he started to run too! i couldn't help but laugh! thats when i turned the power on and laughed so hard. I found Louis and Harry in the kitchen holding eachother and shaking! I was laughing when Louis said "thats not funny!" i said "yeah its funny! plus now you know how i feel!" i started laughing but before i could do anything else Harry whispered something to Louis i knew what they were going to do so i ran! they started to chase me yelling "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!" after a while i ran out of breath and had to stop. so they caught me and louis said "promise me you will NEVER do that again!" I said "only if you promise never to do that to me either!" he laughed and said "fine i promise!" "me too" i said before he kissed me i smiled and kissed him back it was perfect until... the power went out AGAIN! Louis yelled "HARRY!" and harry yelled "i never promised anything!" I laughed and and me and Louis went to hide from Harry.

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