these are just imagines. i do make personal imagines so if you would like one just comment your name, your eye color, hair color, and who you want it with. i hope you enjoy this. please comment what you think.
thanks! :)


8. Liam for wolfgurl

It was Saturday, that means today is my date with Liam Payne. I have gotten some hate because he is from One Direction, but i can handle hate, at least a little bit of it! Anyway it was 2 o-clock and i had to leave in 4 hours! So i got up took a shower and did my makeup, Next I waterfall twisted my golden brown hair and wore a black dress with navy blue heels. i examined my self in the mirror before i went down stairs. when i got down stairs i ran into liam. "hey beautiful!" he said "hi Liam! where are we going?" i asked "you will see, but first i have to go get something from your room." he said "what do you want from my room?" "wait here" he said so i waited and waited 4 minutes later he came down with sweat pants and a tank top. "what are thoes for?" i asked "Stop asking questions! you will see" he said. i laughed and we walked to his car. it was a long car ride! we listenied to the radio most of the time, untill we arrived at our date it was a movie theater. we saw Beautiful Creatures, it was a amazing movie. then we got back in the car and went to a bounce plex! We changed into sweats and started to jump on all the trampolines Liam was doing backflips and frontflips i was doing cartwheels and back hand sprangs and everything i learned in gymnastics when i was little. it was fun! then we went into another groupp of trampolines where we played dodgeball. i sucked at dodgeball but liam was really good. we raced eachother on trampolines and everything! i had so much fun we ate pizza and then we had to go. "thanks liam i had a great time on our first date!" i said  "your welcome baby!" he said, then he kissed me... best date ever

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