these are just imagines. i do make personal imagines so if you would like one just comment your name, your eye color, hair color, and who you want it with. i hope you enjoy this. please comment what you think.
thanks! :)


3. Harry for Directioner518

I was on the beach with my best friend. We were at the beach all day and the sun was starting to go down. she said to me "hey, Logan, my boyfriend is over there do you mind if I go over for a while?" "No, i dont mind." i said to her, before she walked over in his direction. I was the only one out of my firends that still did not have a boyfriend. I sighed and took out my gutiar and started to strum the beginning of Moments by my favorite band One Direction. When i started to sing a few people looked at me but i didn't mind. I loved to sing and no one was going to stop me. When i got to the chours I heard some one start to sing along. our voices matched perfectly! I was looking around for the person singing along but i couln't find them. Just then some one taped me on the back. I turned around and stoped playing the gutiar. i couldn't believe what i just saw! Standing right in front of me was Harry Styles! i rubbed my eyes to see if i was dreaming but i wasn't! He said to me " I heard you singing and I couldn't help but sing along! Oh and you have a amazing voice!" "um..thanks" i said "im Logan by the way." "Logan, thats a pretty name, Im Harry." "I know." i said with a wink. He smiled and said "my friends are over there by the board walk. I was wondering if you wanted to come over to hang out with them?" "sure i would love too!" i replied. So we walked over to the 4 other boys i reconized as Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. before i could say anything Louis said "Harry did you find a girlfriend?!" "No, but I really like her!" Harry said and he winked at me, i blushed and Liam noticed. He said "I think she likes you too shes blushing!" I just laughed and looked at Harry. He looked at me too and whispered in my ear "so do you want to be my girlfriend?" "yeah totaly!" i whispered. Zayn almost yelled "HEY, No Secrets! now you have to tell us what you guys said!" "okay" Harry said and turned my face to his, my blue eyes were locked with his green ones, and then he kissed me! it didnt last more than 3 seconds but it got everyone going crazy Louis was whistling and the others were clapping. Zayn then said "Oh now i know what you said now!" I laughed as Harry stroked my blonde hair. After that Harry and i walked on the beach and talked with the guys till around midnight, when i fell asleep in Harry's arms.       

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