these are just imagines. i do make personal imagines so if you would like one just comment your name, your eye color, hair color, and who you want it with. i hope you enjoy this. please comment what you think.
thanks! :)


11. Harry for Aishia_246_


Dear Diary, 

This is my first entry, My name is Aishia... I have to admit im a nerd. I have short, black naturaly curly hair and bright blue eyes... Anyway, today was the 67th day of school, there was a new kid his name was Harry Styles. I have to admit he was very handsom. I did ask him out. and HE SAID YES! this is what happened...

it was 5th period at exactly 11:44 am. Me and Harry were both in Chemistry. It was the day we got new lab partners. I was hoping not go get anyone stupid! sorry but i hate doing things all by my self. Anyway the teacher was reading off the name of partners when she said my name i was so relieved to hear who my partner was. It was Harry. I had to admit he was insainly cute! when we went to our lab table we started to talk about well just about everything! I learned a lot about him and he learned a lot about me too! i told him that i was a skier and he said that he never been skiing before so i invited him to go with me over the weekend. he said sure! I was soo excited i asked if it was like a date. he said if u want it to be! then he winked at me!

so now you know what happened! it was amazing! i cant wait for the weekend!!!



Dear Diary,

well me and Harry went on our ski date! he was pretty good for his first time!! he had to take a lesson so i just took one with him so he didnt feel alone for an hour. After his lesson we went down the bunny hills a few times then when he was ready we went down the bigger slopes he said his favorite part was the ski lift because he got to talk to me and well because we kissed on the lift. he fell about 3 times. which is not that bad! i had to chase his skis down the hill a few times bc they came off when he fell. but it was fun! well diary i have to go Harry wants to hang out. haha bye



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