Forever...And Always <3

London and Maddie, two fraternal twins, get the surprise of their life when they call into a raid station and get one direction VIP passes to their concert. Something they would have never thought would happen comes up in this experience. ..
~Maddie and London :)


3. Love&Jealousy

Londons POV:

I was standing in the corner alone because Niall just pulled Maddie away to the balcony. Harry was stareing at  me from a far. It was silent for a few seconds. Finally harry broke it by saying:

"Hey beautiful you look lonley. Come with me" Harry said 

I cant believe this he thought I was beautiful. He took my hand and brought me to his room. 

"Whats your name lovely?" Harry asked breaking the silence between us.

"London" I replied blushing.

Harry started to stare deeply in to my eyes. Then he started to lean in and his lips touched mine we moved in sync. I could feel the sparks fly inside me. All of the sudden the door opened and we broke apart to see a dissapointed Liam walkaway and shut the door. I saw a little jealousy on Liams face. Did he like me? Was he mad that i was kissing Harry? Was he jealous?  All these questions started to form in my mind. I kept telling myself it was impossible for Liam Payne and Harry Styles to ever like a normal city girl like me.

Liams POV:

I walked back into the living room but no one was there so I believed that Harry had taken London to his room. I opened the door to see Harry and London makeing out on his bed. Jealousy and dissapointment went through my body. I watched as they pulled away. London had a confused look. But Harry had a sorrry look on his face. Did he knew i fancied her? If he did why would he do this? I shut the door and ran in my room all I could think about was London and how she was so perfect to me.

Maddies POV:

Niall and I were making out! Holy shit! I couldn't beleive it. Then Zyan walked out onto the balconey and saw us. He walked out in disapointment. Niall said "Don't worry about him. He's just jealous." I smiled and leaned in to make out more. We stopped when Louis came home with El from the movies and inroduced himself to me then asked if we wanted to watch a movie with everyone else. We wen't into the living room to find London and Harry sitting on the love seat with Harry's arm around her, El and Louis sitting with popcorn and Liam and Zayn sitting by themselves. I felt kind of bad but oh well. We watch Friday the 13th and I got scared and I saw Liam whisper to Zyan. Zyan nodded then they both stood up and left. I was the only one to notice.

Nialls POV:


After the movie I asked "Hey do you guys want to play Truth or Dare?" 

"Sure!" shouted Louis. "But, I'm going to go first!! Ok Maddie Truth or Dare?"

Maddie had an unsure look on her face then said, "DARE!" 

"Ok. I dare you to take Niall into his room and get some!"

Maddie was blushing. She turned to me and grabbed my hand and walked into my room. I layed down and she got on top of me. I asked " Are you sure you wanna do this?"

"Yeah." she said smiling. I reached for the light switch and turned them off. Then it was amazing from there.

Harry's POV

"Truth or Dare?" Louis asked.

"Dare." I said.

"Ok. I dare you to take London with you into your bedroom and do 7 minutes in Heaven.

"Got it." I said. I stood up and pulled London up and we went into my room.

We started making out then she layed down. I know this was going to be more than foreplay tonight. I got hard. I took off her clothes while she took off mine. We got under the covers and left Louis and El playing truth or dare by themselves.

(A/N: Contest for Zyan and Liams girlfriends! Lasts for two days! Comment below!!)

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