Forever...And Always <3

London and Maddie, two fraternal twins, get the surprise of their life when they call into a raid station and get one direction VIP passes to their concert. Something they would have never thought would happen comes up in this experience. ..
~Maddie and London :)


2. Concert

Maddie's POV:

We arrived in Sacramento, California around 7:00 pm. We see this tall, strong man holding a sign that says "London and Maddie Limo". London and I run over and tell him who we are. He says "Hey. Nice to meet you. I'm Paul, One Direction's body gaurd/ limo driver. I will be driving you to L'Emritage Hotel, a 5 star hotel in Beverly Hills. Also the boys are staying there."

"Hi Paul. I'm Maddie and this is London." I said gestering over to her. I had butterflies in my stomach. Ahhhh I'm so excited! 

Paul brings us to L'Emritage and it's... BEAUTIFUL! I don't have any other words to describe it. An employee takes our luggage and brings it to our suite in room #117. Paul brings us up to the boys room and I think I'm shaking. I look over and smile at London as we walk in to see the boys of One Direction sitting there as if they were waiting for us.

Nialls POV:

Two girls walk into our master suite. The girl on the left has long blonde hair and on her right was this GORGEOUS girl. She had long soft brown hair, beautiful big brown eyes and a shirt that has my signature on it. My breath was taken away from this beautiful girl that just walked through the door. I look over to see that Zyan has fancied her too.

Zyan POV:

The boys and I just finished cleaning up the hotel room for our guests. Then all of a sudden my mouth dropped from the sight of this beautiful brunette with big brown eyes. I saw that her shirt hasd Niall's signature on it. I looked over at Niall and see that he is litterally drooling over her. He is going to win her over. I just know it.

Harry's POV:

I saw a really hot blonde walk in with, surprisingly, a shirt with my signature on it. Which is a good sign because I want her to be all mine. But I see I have compition by the way Liam is staring at her.

Liam's POV:

I saw this beautiful blonde walk in. I see that Harry has fancied her too. But the only problem was that Harry's signature was on her shirt and not mine. I must win her heart over.

Niall's POV:

I walked over and grabbed the brunette's hand and said "Ello love. I just wanted to tell you that your beautiful."

"Thanks." she said blushing. Her voice was beautiful.

"May I ask you one thing though. Whats your name?" 


"That is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl like you." I said while pulling her onto the balconey with Zyan following behind us. Ugh I like Zyan but I want to be alone with her so badly. She is so gorgeous.

Harry's POV:

I got up from off the couch and went up to the blonde. "Hey beautiful you look lonely. Come with me." I brought her into my room to get some alone time before Liam showed up and ruined it. "What your name lovely?"

"London." she said. I loved hearing her speak. I leaned in to kiss her. Her lips touched mine. She smelled so good. Our tonges slid against eachother and then I hear Liam walk in and we broke apart. I saw the look on Liam's face. Then he walked away closing the door behind him saying nothing.

Niall POV: 

We talked about where she is from and about how her parents live in Europe because her dad's work. Zyan walked out and I looked into her eyes and kissed her. We were making out by the time that Zyan came back he turned away and left. Good now I was alone with her.  

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