Forever...And Always <3

London and Maddie, two fraternal twins, get the surprise of their life when they call into a raid station and get one direction VIP passes to their concert. Something they would have never thought would happen comes up in this experience. ..
~Maddie and London :)


1. Contest

Londons POV:

     "Good morning Chicago! Beautiful summer day were having!" screamed the radio host on B96 radio. I opened my eyes and everything was all groggy. I rubbed my eyes and look at the clock which read 7:00 a.m. I hear walking on hard wood floor. My sister, Maddie, is awake. I climb out of bed and shuffle to my walk-in closet and pick out a baby blue crop top with Harry Styles, which whom i wish to meet, signature on it and some black high waisted shorts and a pair of light blue vans. Then I went into the bathroom ,thats connected to mine and Maddie's room, to put makeup on. I put on light eyeliner, nude eyeshadow and some mascara. I spray Justin Bieber's Someday perfume on and turn on the radio.

Maddie's POV:

I wake up and head to my closet. I grab soft pink floral shorts and a pink top that has Niall Horan's signature on it and a pair of pink Vans and head to the bathroom. I find London in there putting on makeup on. "Hey Sis!" I say grabbing my mascara. 

"Hey!" she says. I put some eyeliner on my top lids and a light glossy pink lips gloss. I hear the radio on.

"Are you big fans of the hot, new, british boy band named One Direction? Is your wish to meet them in person and sit first row at one of their concerts? Then call B96 radio station, around 7:15 to win! We will announce the winners at 7:30." the radio host exclaims. London and I look at eachother and we knew what we both were thinking. We both run in seperate directions to our rooms to grab our iPhone 5's. We ran back into the bathrooms and started calling.

London's POV:

I hear on the other end of the phone just ringing and ringing. I was about to give up when I hear, "Congradulations! You are the winner of the One Direction tickets and V.I.P passes!" says the man on the other end. I make a face to Maddie telling her to hang up her phone. 

"OMG SERIOUSLY!!?? AHHHH!!" I screamed while Maddie is jumping up and down and laughing.

"Yup! We will send you the tickets and V.I.P passes and we are also paying for the plane tickets." he stated.

"Really thanks!" I screamed, "Oh wait! When is the concert?" 

"Tomorrow night. You flight is late this afternoon at 3:00! Don't be late!"

"OK! Thanks bye!" I hang up the phone turn around and hug Maddie screaming happily. "Go pack! Our flight is at 3:00 to California."

"Got it." Maddie turns around at the same time I do to go pack. This is crazy. 




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