Bromley Academy- A One Direction/District3 Love Story

Ally has moved from her home in Sydney, Australia, to Croydon on the outskirts of London. She's starting off at a new Boarding Academy called Bromley Academy London, where she is studying music. On her first day, she makes friends with a group of musical prodigys, and it seems like there's love at first sight. Is everything what it seems, or will a dirty little secret ruin her new frienships?


11. Up All Night

Ally and Eleanor walked down the hall to History with arms linked, while Ally told her every detail of what had happened on Saturday night. It felt good to finally tell someone everything, like a weight was being lifted off her shoulders.


"Here he comesss!" Eleanor squealed, sitting across from Ally as Niall slouched into the room. He flopped into the seat next to Ally and yawned, stretching his toned arms over his head.


"Someone's tired!" Ally said, poking him in the stomach. Niall smiled weakly and rested his head in his arms.


"Didn't get any sleep at all Saturday night." He yawned. Ally wrinkled her eyebrows and rested her head at eye level with Niall.


"We went to bed at two, how did you not get any sleep?" Ally asked, poking his elbow. Niall blushed and shook his head.


"Um, just couldn't sleep." He lied. Ally shrugged, but knew he was lying. She let it slide, it wasn't like he was going to hang out with another girl at two in the morning. Ally and Eleanor passed notes in class trying to come up with a theory as to why Niall hadn't gotten any sleep.


Lunch seemed to come around way to slowly. Ally sighed when she finally entered the cafeteria and breathed in the smell of stale bread. "Been a long day, eh?" Cher asked, smiling as she took the seat next to Ally. She nodded and put her cold water bottle on her head.


"I could use a nap. And some chocolate. Chocolate would be nice." Ally sighed. She could not wait to go back to her dorm and sleep for the rest of the day.


"Niall! I was worried about you yesterday. Where you been?" Liam asked as Niall flopped into the seat across from Ally. He glanced at her and shrugged.


"Just... around." He said. Ally's heart sped up. What was going on? Eleanor broke off from her conversation with Louis and Harry and looked across the table at Ally, looking puzzled as well.


"Hey, Niall? Can I speak with you in the hall?" Danielle asked, dropping her things on the table and putting her hands on her hips. Niall looked around at the table, which had now gone silent. Then he ran a hand through his hair and stood up, following Dani into the hall. As soon as they were far enough away to not notice, Ally and El shot up from their seats and followed them, stopping just inside the door where they wouldn't be seen.


"Niall, what the hell were you doing playing your guitar in the hall at four in the morning?" She snapped. Danielle looked pretty tired, too, come to think of it.


"I- uh- I just couldn't stop thinking about Ally and I didn't want to wake Liam and so I just... stayed." Niall stuttered. He looked at the ground, at his callused fingers.


"Does she know that you're sitting in the hall outside our room every night? That I can't bloody sleep because you always have that damn guitar?" Dani asked. El elbowed Ally and gave her a face that read 'awww!' Ally elbowed her back, blushing.


"No." Niall muttered.


"Well figure it out." Danielle said. There were footsteps and Ally and Eleanor belined it back to the table, sitting down again moments before Danielle and Niall came back into the cafeteria.


"Ally! Oh my gosh!" Eleanor whisper shouted. Ally blushed and gave her wide eyes as the two sat back down at the table.


"What'd we miss?" Dani asked.


"Well El and Ally went for a jog." Louis said, winking.

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