Bromley Academy- A One Direction/District3 Love Story

Ally has moved from her home in Sydney, Australia, to Croydon on the outskirts of London. She's starting off at a new Boarding Academy called Bromley Academy London, where she is studying music. On her first day, she makes friends with a group of musical prodigys, and it seems like there's love at first sight. Is everything what it seems, or will a dirty little secret ruin her new frienships?


19. Still Thinking About Niall?



There was a knock at the door. "AGHHHHH!" I shouted, rolling out of bed and unlocking the door. Whoops.


"So I'm guessing you're not excited to see me, and that you aren't my new roommate?" A cute blonde boy asked, smiling up at me. He was holding a map and a schedule and had a suitcase behind him. I blushed and grabbed his schedule.


"Sorry, I was having a bit of a nap. It was an early morning." I sighed, glancing down. The boy laughed.


"I'm Conor Maynard, by the way. Why were you up so early?" Conor asked. I sighed dramatically.


"Cher Lloyd. And Niall was up at five playing his guitar and singing and throwing rocks at All'y window. He doesn't have very good aim." I rolled my eyes and closed my door behind me. "Follow me, I can show you tr your room if you'd like." I said.


"That'd be awesome, thanks." Conor said. "Did it work?"


"Did what work?" I asked, puzzled.


"Did he get the girl? Nialls or whoever." Conor said. I shrugged.


"Well she ran outside and they were kissing, so I'd say yes." I sighed. Conor gave me a one armed hug. "Why'd you do that?" I asked, looking at Conor. He gave me a smile.


"You like Niall. And he likes Ally." Conor said. I stared at him.


"Am I that easy to read?" I sighed. I stopped walking and leaned against the wall. Conor shrugged.


"I'm good at reading people." Conor shrugged, leaning against the wall next to me. I willed myself not to cry, I didn't want to cry in front of this cute stranger, my new friend who was the only one that knew how I had felt about Niall. "You'll get over it. I promise." Conor said. He hesitated, but then pulled me into a real hug. I shook against his chest, crying without tears. "Shhhh, you're okay. If Niall doesn't see what an amazing, beautiful girl you are then he isn't worth your time."


I slowed my breathing, but kept my arms wrapped around Conor's waist. He was so warm and hugging him felt right, and he thought I was beautiful. I sighed and slowly let go of him, stepping back and running my hands through my hair.


"I shouldn't have said anything, should I?" Conor said, biting his lip. I shook my head.


"I needed someone to talk about it with. Looks like you're stuck with me now." I said, smiling sadly up at Conor. Something about him made my heart race, something made me want to kiss him and feel his fingertips touching my skin.


"Well I'm here now. I can help you forget him." Conor said, stepping closer to me. My breath hitched in my throat. I could feel his breath on my face, his lips were inches from my own, too far away. And suddenly we were kissing. Not new, first innocent kissing, but full out kissing. I was pressed against the wall and his hands were on eithers side of me, my fingers looped through his belt loops. His fingertips were exploring my face and my neck and my back, my lips not wanting to leave his.


"Ahem." A voice said behind us. We jumped apart, my heart racing. I let out a breath, seeing Louis and Eleanor. El was giggling and pink in the face, and Louis was holding back laughter, a skeptical look on his face.


"El! Lou!" I said, trying to ease the tension. Louis stared at us for a second longer and then burst out laughing. Eleanor was still laughing but controlling it better.


"Who's this, Cher?" Eleanor asked. I cleared my throat and straightened my shirt.


"This is Conor Maynard." I said, gesturing towards Conor, who was looking down with his hands in his pockets. He waved a hand in their direction, and then grabbed his suitcase and schedule.


"I should probably go find my room." He said. I nodded and shot El and Louis a look.


"I'll go with you." I said. We walked quickly down the hall to the stairwell, and dragged his suitcase down the stairs in silence. We finally reached his room on the first floor at the end of the hall, and I stood in the doorway while he dragged his suitcase up onto his bed. "I'm gona go. We have a couple classes together, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow? And you can sit with my friends and I at lunch if you don't meet any cooler kids." I said. Conor nodded, smiling up at me.


"I'll see you at lunch then." He said, walking over and leaning against the wall in front of me. I laughed and smiled up at him. Conor slid his hands around my waist againd and we kissed for a few more minutes, my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms clenched around his neck. We finally broke apart, and I felt Conor's hot breath on my ear. "Still thinking about Niall?"

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