Bromley Academy- A One Direction/District3 Love Story

Ally has moved from her home in Sydney, Australia, to Croydon on the outskirts of London. She's starting off at a new Boarding Academy called Bromley Academy London, where she is studying music. On her first day, she makes friends with a group of musical prodigys, and it seems like there's love at first sight. Is everything what it seems, or will a dirty little secret ruin her new frienships?


37. One Last Chance



I sprinted off down the hall. Niall was leaving today, his mum was driving up from the airport to pick him up in a matter of minutes, while the rest of us were leaving tomorrow. I pushed myself harder than I ever had back when I ran distance for my old school. My muscles burned by the time I made it to his door. I turned the knob and shoved it open. One side of the room was bare, and Liam was on the other side, folding his clothes and packing them away.


"Where's Niall?" I asked, panting. Liam wrinkled his eyebrows.


"He's heading out. His mum just got here a few minutes ago. Didn't he come by and say goodbye to you in your room?"  Liam asked. I shook my head. Dan and I were out... if I had stayed I could have told him sooner.


I gave Liam and short smile before sprinting out the door at the end of the hall and running across the quad. There he was. On the sidewalk just outside the fence, his head ducking as he put his suitcase in the trunk. I stopped for a second, but then I knew I had to go. It was now or never. I ran faster than I ever have before, my heart feeling like it was going to burst out of my chest. Niall was getting into the car. I felt my stomach drop. This was it.


"NIALL!" I screamed, my legs slowing down as his head turned.




"NIALL!" Someone screamed. I turned and looked up at the empty quad. There she was. Ally was standing in the middle of the field of grass, her blonde hair blowing in the wind and her cheeks were rosy even from here.


"Ready to go, Niall?" Mum asked from the front seat. I turned and looked at her, and then glanced back at Ally, who was bent over and looked like she was breathing heavily.


"I, erm, have to go say goodbye to someone. I'll be just a moment." I said. My mum nodded and I closed the car door behind me as I jogged over to the large gate at the entrance of the school. I pulled it open and jogged over to Ally. She straightened up and started running towards me. My heart still beat a little faster whenever I looked at her, but I had messed up and she wasn't mine any longer. We'd been hanging out a lot since Leigh and I had stopped liking each other, but she was with Dan and no matter how much I wanted to tell her how I felt... I couldn't.


"Niall!" Ally grinned, and flung herself into my arms when we reached eachother. I took a step back from the force with which she had thrown herself at me, but when I steadied myself I wrapped my arms around her and burried my head in her shoulder. She smelled like cinnimon and her hair was soft on my face. I wished I could stay like this forever. Finally Ally pulled back, but kept her arms around my neck.


"Niall... I know it's a little late for me to be saying this... but it's you. It's always been you. Since day one. I've tried so hard to love Dan and I thought maybe I did... but I have to be with you. I know you'll never love me the way you did, and that I kind of missed my opportunity, but I just thought I should tell you before you left. I probably made things worse by telling you, but-" Before Ally could finish, I slammed my lips into hers and hugged her even tighter.


This was perfect.




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