Bromley Academy- A One Direction/District3 Love Story

Ally has moved from her home in Sydney, Australia, to Croydon on the outskirts of London. She's starting off at a new Boarding Academy called Bromley Academy London, where she is studying music. On her first day, she makes friends with a group of musical prodigys, and it seems like there's love at first sight. Is everything what it seems, or will a dirty little secret ruin her new frienships?


3. Lost My Appetite

"Niall!" Ally was spun around by Niall, whos are was around her slim shoulders. Niall raised a hand a waved at a tall boy with huge curly hair and a bright smile. Niall lead Ally over to the table that Harry- if Ally was correct- was standing at. Niall patted Harry on the back and sat down next to him, pulling Ally with him.


"Hey, guys! This is Ally Docket. She's from Sydney." Niall said, flourishing a hand dramatically at Ally. She blushed and waved.


"Hi, Ally!" Perrie waved cheerily. Zayn smiled at her too as he sat down next to Perrie. Jade, from first hour, stuck out her hand and introduced herself again. Jade was gorgeous. Ally twirled a piece of her light hair around her finger, wishing she could pull off a fun colour like Jade.


"I'm Harry, this is Liam, Louis, Ed, Cher, Jessie, and that's Leigh Anne." The curly haired boy said, pointing at each of them. The boys mostly smiled or waved, while the girls grinned and shook her hand, complimenting her.


"And I'm Eleanor!" A slim brunette said, sitting down next to Louis. She smiled widely at Ally and stuck our her hand, which she took. She flipped my hand over and looked at her nail laquer. "We've got the same laquer on!" She said, flipping their hands over again to compare. Ally laughed and Niall seperated their hands.


"And that's El for ya!" He laughed. Ally giggled and looked around at a girl who was sitting next to her.


"I'm Danielle." A slim girl with curly hair said as she took the seat next to Ally.


"I'm Allyson, but I go by Ally." She responded, smiling. Danielle nodded and gave a sad smile to Eleanor and Louis, who made sad smiles and nodded a little.


"Dani and Liam just broke up." Niall breathed in her ear. Ally jumped a little and felt shivvers go down her spine. Niall had that affect on her after only 3 hours.


"Wow, how long did they date for?" She breathed back. Niall grimaced.


"Two years almost. Crazy, huh?" Ally nodded and looked between Liam and Danielle.


"Even crazier was I almost asked her out and Liam beat me to it. I can't help but think about what woulda happened if I had." He said. Ally froze and stared at him. Niall chuckled and patted her arm.


"Don't worry, I'm over it." He said. Ally blushed and shook her head.


"That's not- I mean, like, imagining what could have happened in two years if you had asked her out... That's so insane." She said, trying to cover. Niall nodded with a thoughtful look on his face, but then shrugged.


"I guess I'll never know. But I almost don't want to. Cuz then I never would have met you! Maybe." He joked, wrapping Ally in a one-armed hug. She giggled and noticed Perrie and Jade and El whispering across Zayn and Louis. Ally wriggled out of Niall's grip and hit him with the back of her hand.


"Let's get some FOOD!" Niall shouted, jumping to his feet and grabbing Ally's hands, pulling her with him. Ally hit him again. "Ally! Stop hitting me!" He laughed, dragging her to the lunch line.


"Niall! Stop... Well I don't know what you're doing but stop it!" She laughed back. Niall grabbed a tray and got a couple boxes of fish and chips and two waters, as well as an apple.


"Alright, and what do you want, Ally?" He said, looking up at her. Ally's eyes went wide.


"That's all for you? It's like a bloody mountain of chips!" Ally said. Niall laughed and grabbed her an apple, a water, and a sandwich.


"So that's good for you, then?" He said, pulling out his wallet and paying for all of the food.


"Apparently! And you don't need to pay, I have my own money, you know." She said, raising an eyebrow at Niall. Niall raised an eyebrow.


"You're right, you're a strong, independant black woman who can make her own decisions." Niall said in an American accent as he carried the tray back to their table.


"What on earth! First of all, I'm about as far from black as that white floor tile, and WHAT?" Ally said, sitting down before Niall did and pulling the tray with her.


"I have no idea. Saw it on an American comedy once." Niall shrugged, plopping down next to her. He popped open the first set of fish and chips and started eating while Ally bit into her apple. The table chatted about school and plans to hang at Niall and Liam's room tonight.


"ALLYSON DOCKET!" Niall screamed, grabbing Ally's wrist as she tried to snatch one of his chips.


"Niall Horan!" She said back, stretching her neck and trying to eat the chip that was dangling from her fingers. Niall stretched for it too, and with his spare hand started tickling Ally's underarm. She laughed and tried to fend him off, until finally Niall beat her to the chip and snatched it up with his teeth. Ally smacked his forehead with her hand when Niall finally let go.


"God!" She said, indignantly taking a drink of her water.


"I'll show you not to try and eat my food!" Niall said, grinning in her face with a mouthfull of food. The rest of the table was still laughing uncontrollably about what had just happened, but Niall and Ally went back to fighting over chips and elbowing each other and wrestling in general whenever Niall tried to sip from her water.


Ally couldn't help but feel like maybe Niall did like her a little bit, and she was definitely getting along fine with all of Niall's other friends.

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