Bromley Academy- A One Direction/District3 Love Story

Ally has moved from her home in Sydney, Australia, to Croydon on the outskirts of London. She's starting off at a new Boarding Academy called Bromley Academy London, where she is studying music. On her first day, she makes friends with a group of musical prodigys, and it seems like there's love at first sight. Is everything what it seems, or will a dirty little secret ruin her new frienships?


14. Cold Shoulder



"Niall hasn't talked to me all week." I whispered to Perrie in Music Theory. She bit her lip and gave me a worried look. Niall had hardly been around all week. He'd skipped lunch or had been spotted leaving the cafeteria, but he hadn't been staying in the room he shared with Liam and his phone was going to voice mail straight away. To top it all off, he had barely showed at any classes this week.


I glanced at my phone under the table, praying he would have texted me and apologized or explained, but my screen stayed blank. Jessie kicked my desk and I looked around.


"Has he texted?" She mouthed. I shook my head and ran a hand through my chestnut hair. This wasn't like Niall at all. And I was almost his girlfriend... I mean, nothing was official, but it had been two weeks of us hanging out and stealing kisses; how could he just ignore me?


The bell wrang and I spent the rest of the day checking my phone and biting my nails. Finally, lunch rolled around and I speed walked to the cafeteria, praying to get a hold of him before he ran off again. The one thing I could garuntee was that Niall would never skip a meal. I made it into the room just as a flash of blond hair streaked out of the back door. I dropped my bag on the table and sprinted outside into the frosty air. Niall was walking along the path with some food tucked under his arm and his guitar slung over his shoulder.


"Niall!" I shouted, standing still and crossing my arms, shivvering. He turned around and then quickly began walking again. I sighed and started running after him, taking carful steps to avoid the ice. Over and over I called his name until he finally stopped walking. I ran up about twenty feet behind him and then slowed to a walk, breathing heavily.


"Niall, what's going on?" I said, placing a hand on his shoulder when I finally reached him. Niall shrugged me off and I felt his shoulders tense at my touch. I waited.


"I was just another boy, another notch on your bed post. You didn't really care." He said. I dropped my hand, which was reaching for his.


"What are you talking about?" I asked. He was the first boy that had even looked my way, I wasn't some sort of player who had a new boyfriend every week.


"Stop trying to hold on to me, you can have any boy you like, why do you have to mess with my heart? Don't you think Holly did that enough?" Niall turned on his heel, spitting the words at me. His eyes were no longer that misty blue, but a grey thunderstorm. I couldn't move, couldn't talk. Niall glared at me for a minute and then reached out, pushing a hair from my face. I flinched at his touch, how was I supposed to trust him after he just yelled at me? What was he even talking about?


"And I thought you were different." Niall whispered, and then as quickly as he hadn't been there at all, he was gone. I stood still until he was out of view and then I sunk to the ground, my hands in my hair and my finger nails cutting into my scalp. A sob escaped my throat and soon tears were running down my cheeks, freezing streaks on my cheeks. I was littered with goosebumps  and shaking uncontrollably, but I didn't care. I didn't care if I looked like a raccoon or sounded like a dying animal. I just didn't care. All I knew was that my heart was broken.


"Ally?" A warm hand touched my arm and drew back quickly. Then a huge boys blazer was wrapped around my shoulders. I saw a shock of red as an arm wrapped around my shoulders, and somebody helped me to my feet. Fingers wiped the tears off of my cheeks and rubbed up and down my arms.


"He- he yelled at me. I don't know what I did. I don't know what I did." I repeated. I heard Ed's soothing voice singing a quiet lullaby to me as I was walked slowly back to the cafeteria. By the time we arrived outside the door, I was all out of tears. Ed looked me in the eye, his forehead wrinkled.


"If I set your love free, would you come back to me?" He sang quietly. I let out a shaky breath and smiled weakly at him. Ed grinned and pinched my cheeks.


"There's the smile I love to see!" He said, pulling me into a quick hug and sticking his thumb in front of my mouth. "Lick it." I frowned but licked his thumb, and he wiped my makeup away from my eyes. Then he gave me another hug and held the door open for me, giving me a thumbs-up. I smiled, more confident this time, and walked back in. I stuck my arms into the sleeves of his blazer and buttoned it up around me, but it was still huge. Ed was at my side again, matching my pace as we walked back to the table. The second I sat down it went dead silent.


I felt eyes on me from all sides, but I just took a sip of water from the bottle Ed had given me and went about eating my lunch. I didn't feel like talking. Come to think of it, I didn't feel like eating either. Instead I just picked at my sandwich, eating the crusts and staring at the table top.


Somewhere to my left, Ed whispered something in Danielle's ear, and soon it was being passed around the table. I felt fingers slide into mine on the table and looked up at Liam, who was smiling reassuringly. I smiled back and squeezed his hand. So this is what it felt like to have friends.

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