Bromley Academy- A One Direction/District3 Love Story

Ally has moved from her home in Sydney, Australia, to Croydon on the outskirts of London. She's starting off at a new Boarding Academy called Bromley Academy London, where she is studying music. On her first day, she makes friends with a group of musical prodigys, and it seems like there's love at first sight. Is everything what it seems, or will a dirty little secret ruin her new frienships?


33. Christmas #1





Mickey had told us a week ago that all of us were invited to spend Christmas at his home, which was nearby. Even though Dan and I had been hanging out a lot, he had of yet to kiss me again or even ask to make things official. Practically the whole lot of our friends had been shipping us for the past three weeks anyway. Niall's been hanging about with Leigh Anne a lot too, and they seem really happy. Sometimes when I see them together I get jealous, but I don't think it's Niall that I miss being with, I think I miss the way it feels to be totally confident that he's devoted to you. Dan's so cute, and funny, and cheeky, I'm always worried that he hasn't made things official because he's got someone else on the side, too. But I think I'm just being nervy to be nervy.


"So, Ally." Dan said, slipping into the seat between Mickey and I. Mickey accidentally kicked me while he and Jade were fighting under the table, and he gave me an apologetic face before going back to taunting the purple-haired beauty,


"Yeh?" I asked, scooting over a bit and looking up at Dan.


"You're mum and dad live nearby, right? In Croyden?" He asked. I nodded, wondering where this was going. "So I was thinking instead of staying two days after the start of break at school, we could go and stay at your house and I could meet them, and then we could go to Mickey's when everyone else does." Dan said. I nearly spit out my sandwich.


"You want to meet my parents?" I asked, maybe a little too loud because Eleanor, Greg, Mickey, and Jade were all staring with wide eyes.


"Or you could announce it to the whole world." Dan said. I slapped a hand over my mouth.


"Sorry, I just wasn't really expecting that." I glared up at all of our viewers before I talked to Dan again. "This isn't a telivision show, carry on with your lives." I said to them. Jade laughed and they all sort of went back to their various conversations. "Sorry about that, I just, well, we aren't really officially a couple and I didn't know you wanted to meet my parents." I said. Dan shrugged.


"Sorry if I put you in a bad position. I knew it was a bad idea and I shouldn't have asked, and I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I totally understand if you don't want to be in a relationship with me, but I just really liked you and I've sort of been waiting to meet them and ask for their permission before I asked you out officially." Dan ranted. I slapped my hand over his mouth before he could keep talking and raised my eyebrows at him, trying to refrain from laughing.


"Dan, that is honestly the most adorable thing I've ever heard anyone say before. Of course we can go spend the two days at my house, I'll just have to call and make sure that's okay with them. And I never said I didn't want to be in a relationship with you." I said. Before things got to intense and romantic, I went back to my eating and left the conversation at that.




Dan and I climbed into the cab and I handed the driver my adress. I looked over at Dan excitedly, rubbing my hands together in the cold. We were both bundled up, because we had our first real snow of the winter just now, six days before Christmas. I was wearing two jumpers, a thick Blueberry coloured Mulberry coat, and a warm wool scarf, as well as some lemon yellow leather gloves and dark jeans and my feet tucked into two pairs of socks and my Uggs. Dan was wearing two coats, jeans, and some fuzzy socks he had found in Greg's drawer and stolen. They had blue and green cheetah print with fleece inside.


"I can't wait to get home, it's been forever since I've seen Joey, or Mum, or Dad. Oh, God, I miss everyone so badly!" I said. Dan laughed and his breath showed as fog in the back of the cab.


"So can we go over the basic sign language again? I've totally forgotten how to introduce myself again." Dan said. He was pale and his eyes were bloodshot, like he hadn't slept in a day or two.


"You'll be fine. Even if you mess up he won't care. It's the fact that you tried." I said. Dan nodded and sucked in a few deep breaths. I gigggled. "Don't be so worried! Don't try to hide it, I know you are." I said. Dan laughed nervously and shrugged.


"Can't blame me! I'm about to meet your parents, and your deaf younger brother. Do you know how many deaf people I know? None. And the last time I met a girl's parents... Becky in like fourth year when we worked on a school project. Which doesn't count." Dan said. I laughed and laced our fingers together.


"So what? My parents will like you, and Joey will think you're awesome. Even if you can't even spell your own name in sign language." I teased, and Dan elbowed me. He dropped my hand and wrapped both of his arms around me, pressed his head into my hair.


"I'm so collldddd." He sang. I laughed and we spent the rest of the twenty minutes singing our body temperatures. We paid the annoyed driver as we pulled up outside of my house and Dan graciously carried both of our bags up the steps to my door. He gave me a worried grin as I rang the doorbell. A moment later the knob turned and my mum swung the door open.


"Allyson!" She said, pulling me into a giant hug. I was four inches taller than my mum, and probably weight about twenty pounds more, but she still was a hard hugger. I could hardly breath.


"Mum, great to see you too but Dan and I are freezing and you've kind of left him in the cold." I choked out. Mum laughed and let me go, helping Dan carry our bags into the house.


"Scott, Dan and Allyson are home!" She called. Then she knocked on the wall four times and two sets of footsteps were heard coming up the stairs.


"Ally!" Dad shouted.


"Elyso!" Joey shouted, running behind my dad. He beat him to me and jumped into my arms. I giggled and squeezed Joey so tight that my arms hurt, then planted a wet kiss on his cheek before I set him down and hugged my dad.


"Hey, Daddy! I missed you so much!" I said into his massive chest. He chuckled and kissed the top of my head before letting me go.


"And I'm Margaret, you must be Dan." Mum said, holding her hand out. Dan smiled and shook it, wiping his hands on his pants nervously.


"It's a pleasure. You have such a wonderful home." He said. It was true, this was the very first time I'd seen my new house in Croyden, and it was massive. The cielings were high, and the whole back wall was windows. It was nearly three stories high, with split levels.


"I'm Scott, Ally's father. It's good to meet you. I must say, Ally practically begged us to let you stay." He joked. I swatted his hand and he gave Dan a firm handshake. I held back a giggle, Dan looked like he was going to explode with nerves.


"I Joye." Joey said. Dan nodded and bent down a little so he was at eye level with my nine year old brother. Because he wasn't born deaf, Joey could still mostly talk. It'd only been a year since he went deaf.


'I Dan friend Ally sister' Dan signed. All of us chuckled and Joey did slow and wide signs.


'I'm Joey and I'm in charge' Joey signed, and we all laughed except Dan, who looked confused.


"What did he say?" He asked, looking at me with wide eyes.


"He said he's in charge around here." I said. Dan made a slightly relieved face.


"Oh," He said, laughing. He turned back and thought for a second before he signed.


'Big man show house' I giggled at how cute and tense Dan's face was when he was trying to concentrate on getting the signs correct. Joey grabbed Dan's wrist and started to show him around the house, saying broken words as he pointed at each door. As soon as he had taken Dan up the stairs, my parents each hugged me again.


"He seems like a very nice young man." My father said. I smiled and nodded.


"And you're sure you aren't dating?" My mum asked. I blushed and swatted her.


"No, we aren't, but you both know that we've been hanging out a lot and that I really do like him. We went on one date a while ago, but mostly we've been hanging around as friends and I don't think he likes me back." I said. Dad nodded and gave me a kiss on the head. I loved having parents that I could tell everything to, that would understand and wouldn't be so strict and awkward to talk with.


"Well, he'll see what he's missing out on eventually." Dad said, and Mum nodded, giving me a hug. There were footsteps and Dan and Joey came back into the room, signing back and forth slowly so that Dan could keep up. A few times he would ask what a sign meant by making a confused face and repeating the sing, and Joey would try to say the word out loud. Mum smiled at me and kissed my head, whispering. "You've got good taste, if it matters."




"Dan, Allyson! Dinner!" Mum called up the stairs. Dan and I had been playing Guess Who for the past hour on the floor of my room, trying to recreate their faces for our guesses. I was losing horribly.


"Coming!" I shouted back. Dan got to his feet and took my hand, pulling me up with him.


"How about we build a gingerbread house after dinner?" Dan suggested as we navigated our way down the hall towards where we thought the stairs were. We turned a corner and found the bathroom.


"Whoops, wrong way! It's like a bloody maze!" I said, and Dan laughed as we headed back down the hall and found the stairs. "And that's a really good idea! We'll be opening presents with my family tonight, so maybe Joey could help." I suggested. Dan nodded excitedly. I think he and Joey were getting on really well.


"Joey's brilliant! Have you noticed my signing is getting better?" Dan asked excitedly. I giggled and nodded as we headed into the dining room. Dad and Joey were at the table already and Mum was in the kitchen in the next room over. Dan pulled my chair out for me and took the seat next.


"Yes, Dan. You're an amazing signer." I laughed. I signed to Joey to tell Dan he was good at signing. Joey turned to Dan and repeated my message.


"Hey! You told him to do that!" Dan said. I shrugged.


"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." I said.


"I saw you!" Dan said, pointing his fork at me. We bantered back and forth, debating whether or not I had told Joey to say that to him, until Mum pushed through the door with pork roast, meat pies, potatoes, and cider like she does every Christmas. It was four days early, but we had all agreed to celebrate Christmas today while I was here, and then we'd be celebrating it tomorrow with Dan's family (who had called and insisted I join them before going to Mickey's) and then Christmas at Mickey's on the actual day of.


"This look delicious, Mrs. Docket." Dan said politely. Mum blushed and waved a hand in the air. She was a brilliant cook and everyone always told her so,


"It's nothing, Dan. Thanks you, so polite." She said over and over. Dan chuckled and split a pie in half, plopping half on my plate and half on his. The table was silent for a few minutes, as we were all too busy eating Mum's dinner. After Dan and I had split into our second pie, Dan started to hum while he chewed. Mum and Dad grinned at each other and then at me, but I was too busy tapping my toes on the wooden floors to the beat of the song Dan was humming, Under the Mistletoe.


"You two are quite the pair." Mum said an hour later while we washed the dishes. Dan was helping Joey and Dad close the table up from the full size to regular, and were putting last minute presents under the tree. Dan and I had each gotten three presents for each other so we'd have one to open at every Christmas.


"Mum, he doesn't like me. Guys are usually so straight forward about things like this, and he isn't. It wasn't like anything was really going to happen after our first date anyway. I used to think we had something going on, but it's sort of been at a flat line." I said, drying the plates after Mum scrubbed them off. When everything was dry, we put the dishes in the cabinet and pulled all of the ingredients for our gingerbread house out of the cabinet.


"Well, don't lose hope. He's such a good boy and he's so cute, maybe things will work out. But, being your mother, I have to warn you. You're so pretty, don't ever let a boy have the upper hand. Be assertive." She said firmly, waving some frosting in my face. I laughed and snatched it from her, grabbing all of the things before pushing through to the dining room.


"Let's make some magic!" I said, dropping everything on the table. Dan and Joey raced in from the sitting room and we got hard at work building the most amazing gingerbread house ever. Dad and Mum sat at the breakfast nook, sipping tea and watching while having quiet conversation.


"Hey, I had it first!" I said, wrestling Dan for the icing. He held it out of my reach on one side and held me away with his hip.


"Nuh uh!" He said. I laughed and jumped for the icing, but he was too tall. I sighed and angrily grabbed gum drops to put in the garden.


"Fine, cheater." I mumbled. Dan put a hand to his heart.


"What did you just call me?" He said, acting pained that I had called him a cheater. I put a hand on my hip.


"I called you a cheater." I said, raising my eyebrows at him.


"The Ferrari-Lane family is not a family of cheaters, we are a family of winners." Dan said dramatically, looking off into the distance.


"I beg to differ." I said, raising my eyebrows and holding in a giggle as I crossed my arms and looked at him.


"That's a problem, love." Dan said, also crossing his arms.


"Whatcha gona do about it?"


"This!" He said, and then he sqeezed the entire tube of icing on top of my head. My mouth dropped open and I looked at Dan, who had a Cheshire Cat grin on his face.


"I cannot believe you just did that." I said, trying hard not to laugh. I reached on top of my head and touched the pile of icing oozing into my hair. Behind me, Mum, Dad, and Joey were all laughing and slowly backing away.


"Whatcha gona do about it?" Dan mocked. I reached over and grabbed the black icing, which I smeared all over his face. In an instant, Dan had the M&Ms in his hands, and he was pelting them at me one by one. I snatched the gumdrops and threw them at him, and a few even stuck to his icing covered face. We threw candy after candy until we were out, and then we slumped, sticky messes, in the kitchen chairs.


"Clean up on isle four!" Mum said, and she dipped her finger in some icing on my head as she, Dad, and Joey passed by, heading to their rooms to change into their pajamas before we opened presents.


"I won." Dan said after they left the room. I glared at him playfully and saw that he had a smirk on his face. I raised my eyebrows and glanced at the candy house on the table, an idea blooming.


"Oh really?" I asked. Dan nodded, getting to his feet and turning to search the counter for cleaning supplies. "Because I'm pretty sure I'm going to win." I replied.


"Going to? I've already won, love." Dan said from his squatting position in front of the cabinet. I grabbed the paper plate with the candy house on it from the table and stood right behind Dan.


"Are you sure?" I asked. Dan turned around, hearing my voice over him, and the look on his face when I smashed the entire house on top of his head was priceless.


"Ally!" He shouted, laughing. The graham crackers had crumbled on his face and some of the crumbs stuck while others cascaded to the ground. I burst out laughing and wiped some icing from his eyes with my thumbs. Dan took my wrists in his hands and intertwined our fingers. "I guess... you win." He sighed. I giggled and blushed. He was so close... sometimes I thought there was a chance that he liked me and others... I just couldn't tell. Dan leaned over and kissed the tip of my nose, then licked the frosting off of him lips.


"Better get washed up." I said, untangling out fingers. Dan looked a little disappointed but then nodded. We eventually found all of the cleaning supplies and spent the next half hour cleaning and singing along to the Christmas music on the radio. We didn't speak to each other throughout the whole ordeal. When we finished, Dan and I stood at the two sinks in the bathroom and rinsed our hair and our faces. It was just so hard to tell if he liked me, one second he was about to kiss me and holding my hand, and the next it was like we were strangers.


I towel dryed my hair while Dan brushed his teeth, and then he grabbed his pajamas and took them back to the bathroom while I changed in my room. I pulled on some of Michael's old boxers and one of his t-shirts, and then put my hair in a bun. I wished Dan didn't have to see me without makeup, but if we were going to be staying together for the next week it wasn't totally an option.


"Ready to open presents?" Dan asked as he entered my room again. He leaned against the doorway and watched me as I pulled on some fuzzy socks. I nodded and we walked down to the sitting room, our hands brushing against each other but never really touching.


"There you two are! Took a long while!" Mum said. She and Dad were cuddling with mugs of tea, and Joey was wrapped in his blanket, sitting right in front of the tree.


"I guess it's time to dig in! Joey, you're up!" Dad said, then signed at Joey. His face lit up and he opened his pile of presents, revealing a remote plane, some jumpers, two books, and a note card. Joey handed the card to me to read with a puzzled look on his face. Dan scooted closer to me and I felt his hot breath on my neck as he read over my shoulder. I held in a gasp as I looked at Mum and Dad, who were grinning. Dan tangled our fingers together and gave my hand a squeeze before dropping it again.


'You're getting a chip that might let you hear again!' I signed to Joey. He grinned and lept to his feet, giving Mum and Dad a huge hug. Then he opened his gift from me, which was an awesome dinosaur watch I had found with Dan last week. Joey hugged me and grinned when Dan showed him the matching one he was wearing.


"You're next, Ally." Mum said. I grinned and got down next to all of my gifts. Even though I was sixteen, I still got really excited to open gifts. Mum had gotten me clothes and shoes, Dad a few new CDs and some pretty earrings froma business trip, and from Joey I got a neat necklace he had made. It was a shell from back in Sydney that he had strung a hemp chord through. I grinned and Dan helped me put it on. I gave Joey a kiss on the cheek, which he wiped off but blushed anyway. Then I hesitantly took Dan's gift from under the tree and gave him a small smile before unwrapping it. It was a small box that was square and was wrapped terribly.


"I hope you haven't wrapped your gifts for your family yet, because you're not exactly the best wrapper." I teased. Dan chuckled.


"You won't care when you see what I've gotten you." He promised. I took off the last bit of paper and opened the dark jewelry box. Inside what a rose-metal watch with a beige face and silver hands. It was a watch I'd seen at Neimen Marcus when we were shopping and I absolutely loved, but it was terribly expensive.


"Dan! This was a fortune, I can't believe you got me this!" I gasped, giving him a huge hug and making him help put it on so I could make sure this was real life.


Dan laughed, "My family's got money, and I knew how much you liked it. I thought it'd be a waste to spend my money on Mickey or Greg, so I spent it on you." Dan said. I grinned and hugged him again, tilting my wrist back and forth to admire it. My parents gave Dan nice smiles, and then told him it was his turn to open gifts.


Joey had made him a card that Dan wouldn't let me read, and my parents had gotten him a nice new jumper and some gloves. Dan thanked them profusely and told them they hadn't needed to get him anything at all. Then he took his gift from me and gave me a big smile when he opened it and saw a vintage Fleetwood Mac record.


"This is awesome! Ally! Thank you so much!" He said, giving me a hug as he looked at it carefully, making sure it was real. His face was so bright it looked like one of the Christmas lights. I felt my stomach spin pirouettes and grinned at him shyly.


"I was at a thrift store and I saw it... It's not a lot but I know you love Fleetwood Mac and so I got it." I said.


"No, it's perfect! Thanks you so so much." He said, hugging me again and giving me a kiss on the cheek. My parents laughed at his excitement and opened their gifts. Joey and I gave them the usual random items, but Dan had gotten my mother a nice italian cookbook and a book for my father that his dad had suggested. They thanked him and took all the trash to clean up, as well as the tray of cookie crumbs. Joey ran upstairs with dad to put together his plane and mum disappeared into the kitchen to read the cookbook.


"Thank you so much." Dan and I said at the same time as we sat back on the couch, admiring our gifts.


"I feel bad, I spent so little on you, and you spent a load on my gift." I said. Dan shook his head.


"This is a vintage Fleetwood Mac record, it's worth way more than it sold for, I can promise that." He said, sitting back and wrapping an arm around my shoulder. We cuddled and watched a Christmas special on the telly for a while until I fell asleep to Dan's steady heartbeat in my ear.



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