Bromley Academy- A One Direction/District3 Love Story

Ally has moved from her home in Sydney, Australia, to Croydon on the outskirts of London. She's starting off at a new Boarding Academy called Bromley Academy London, where she is studying music. On her first day, she makes friends with a group of musical prodigys, and it seems like there's love at first sight. Is everything what it seems, or will a dirty little secret ruin her new frienships?


22. Caught Red-Handed



"I have an announcement!" I said, getting to my feet at the lunch table. All of my friends looked around and waited to hear what I had to say. "So my mum's work has moved to a new building. And on Sunday these men are coming to spray stuff on the walls and floors to make all of the paint come off because it's an art studio. She says that if we want, we have until Saturday to go all out, hang out, paint ball, do whatever we want in that building as long as we don't break anything. Sound like a plan?" I asked, looking around. Niall was grinning at Ally and they were having their own excited conversation about all of the fun things we could do in the studio, and everyone else was nodding and making plans. I sat back down next to Conor and smiled at him.


"Anything we want?" He breathed in my ear, winking. I know we made a deal not to let emotions get in the way, but in the week I had been hanging out with Conor, I had found myself starting to fall in love with him. It was wrong and I didn't want to, but I was. It was a problem.


Instead of saying anything, I slapped him in the chest and joined Danielle and Liam's conversation. We were all going to meet at Liam's room at two on Saturday and wall to the studio, where we'd spend the day. I was practically shaking I was so excited. And who knows, maybe Conor and I would spend a little free time in the supply room?




"This is gona rock!" Harry said, leaning in the doorway of my room while I pulled on a white t-shirt. I followed him down the hall to Liam's room.


"I know! And our clothes are going to look so cool after this!" I said, looking at Harry's white shirt and sweats, almost identical to my white shirt and jeans.


"You and Jade are pretty good friends, right?" Harry asked suddenly, blocking Liam's door. I shrugged.


"I mean, I've only known her a week but we're pretty good friends, yeah. Why?" I asked. Harry glanced around and bit his lip.


"I really like her and I was thinking of asking her out and I just wanted to know if she's said anything about me." Harry said, looking at me. I thought over what we'd talked about this week.


"Well when I was with her and the rest of the girls, Perrie started to talk about a guy who Jade liked and she like cut her off so I wouldn't hear. But she said something about volumptuous hair." I said. Harry laughed.


"So it's looking hopeful! And I don't mean to cross any lines, and it's not like I care, but you hang out with the girls a lot and I was kind of wondering if you maybe... were, like, into guys or whatever?" Harry asked awkwardly. I raised my eyebrows and started laughing. Harry blushed awkwardly and looked a little guilty. "That's a no?"


"The only reason I spend so much time with them is because they show up when I'm with Cher!" I said. Harry's jaw dropped and I slapped a hand over my mouth.


"Does that mean you and Cher are-" Harry started, but there was a giggle at the end of the hall and I slapped a hand over his mouth. Cher, Eleanor, and Jessie came skipping down the stairs, laughing about something.


"Don't. Say. Anything." I said, giving Harry a look and pulling my hand away.


"CHER! You look delightful today!" Harry said brightly, giving me a mischevious look and strutting towards the girls. Cher gave Perrie a weird look and then waved at me. I smiled and waved back. I felt my cheeks going pink so I turned and walking into Liam's room, seeing the rest of the boys and girls sitting and waiting on us. I smiled at them and sat down.


I know Cher and I agreed we would keep emotions out of this, but I was falling, HARD. She was just so sweet and I couldn't not smile when I looked at her, and the way she made my heart race...


The door swung open and the rest of the girls and Harry came in.


"Let's get this party started!" Shouted Cher. She was wearing ripped jeans and a fitted white shirt that showed chunks of her tan skin. I felt my heart speed up and I looked away. There was a cheer and everyone got to their feet, rushing out the door. I walked next to Cher while she lead the way out of the school limits and to the edge of Croyden, where we found ourselves in front of a huge art studio, bigger than my house. Everyone rushed inside and looked around, pointing out paintings and drawings on the walls and examining the stained glass windows.


"Help me with the paint?" Cher asked. I nodded and followed her to the supply closet, where the walls were lined with buckets and tubes and brushes and balloons. Cher turned and looked at me, and excited look on her face.


"We could fill balloons with paint and surprise attack the others!" I said. Cher nodded and we got to work, squeezing tubes of paint into the balloons.


"What's taking so long?" Niall called down the hallway. I poked my head out the door to respond.


"We're just getting things off of the shelves. We'll be out in a minute!" I called. Harry winked at me before I went back to the closet.


"Just filled the last one!" Cher whispered excitedly. I smiled at her and we each filled a bucket with balloons. I took Cher's bucket for her because they weighed nearly twenty pounds each.


"Thanks, love." She said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. We both froze and looked at each other. It was such a... couple-y thing to do. Cher looked a little worried like she'd messed something up. What if she felt the same way for me as I felt for her? If she did then I didn't want her to get the wrong idea... I smiled at her and lead the way out into the main room.


"Got the paint!" I said, grinning at them. They all began to rush over and Cher and I exchanged a look before grabbing two balloons in each hand and pelting them at our oncoming friends. Niall made a face and jumped backwards, knocking a green Liam over. Danielle and Jessie covered their faces with their hands and screamed, and Jade and Eleanor hid behind Harry and Louis. I hit Ed square in the head with a balloon filled with orange paint and he looked at me with wide eyes, laughing. Leigh Anne, Perrie, and Zayn were all trying to rush forward and steal some balloons, but we threw the last one as Perrie got to me.


"Run!" I shouted, and Cher grabbed my hand and tugged me down the hall after her. We ducked into the closet and locked the door behind us, laughing and trying to catch our breath. Cher's cheeks were bright and her eyes were twinkling. I smiled down at her and pushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear. She got quiet and looked up at me. She got on her tip toes and pressed her lips to mine. She pulled away and I leaned back in. We kissed, but this one was different. It wasn't like all of our other rushed kisses that seemed urgent, like we might get caught at any time. This... this was full of emotion and the way Cher kissed me, I wal almost sure she liked me back.




I deepened the kiss a little bit and Conor took a step, moving me back so I could sit on the table. I put my hand behind me to clear the table, and I hit an empty can, which fell and hit the shelf, which toppled over. There was a split second we both knew was coming, but neither of us pulled away. And then a thick layer of red paint spilled out of a can on the top shelf and all over the two of us.


"OH MY GOD!" I screamed, smiling up at Conor. I shook my head and paint sprayed all over Conor. He did the same and I shoved his chest playfully, and then jumped up, wrapping my legs around his waist. Conor put his hands under my bum to keep me from falling, and we kissed again before the door handle giggled and twisted. I jumped down and we stepped away from each other.


"What happened in here!" Jade asked, crossing her arms over her pink splattered chest. A blue-haired Harry stood behind her, his eyebrows raised. Behind him the rest of the group stood, splattered in various colors.


"The red paint fell off of the top shelf?" I asked, biting my lip. Eleanor winked at me.


"And that's how the red hand prints got on your bum?" Louis called from over her shoulder. My cheeks went pink and Conor chuckled nervously.


"The paint was being very cheeky." I said. Harry and Jade laughed and the crowd sort of dissipated, except for Harry, who slapped Conor on the back and gave him a knowing look. As soon as he left, I grabbed Conor's arm and pulled him to the end of the hall. I turned to Conor in a panic.


"Did you tell him?" I whisper shouted while Niall and Ally got paint from the closet. Conor looked around nervously.


"Not exactly. Maybe we should go join them so things aren't suspicious." Conor said. He turned to go and I grabbed his wrist.


"Conor, no." I said. He stood a foot away, my hand on his wrist. Then, in one quick motion, Conor turned around, grabbed my face, and kissed me. I was taken aback at first, but then I gave in. This was the kind of kiss I had always wanted, one that told me he loved me too, one that spoke without words. Conor pulled away too soon and pushed my red hair behind my ears, leaving red smudges on my cheeks.


"Cher, I'm completely in love with you." He said looked down into my eyes. I bit my lip and looked back at him. Instead of saying anything, I nodded and pecked him on the lips. Conor's face broke into a giant smile and he pulled me into a bone-crushing hug. I giggled and wriggled in his arms. There was cheering behind us, and wolf whistles and clapping. Conor put me down and linked his fingers in mine, and we turned to see the rest of the group standing outside of the paint closet, grinning like mad. I blushed and buried my head in Conor's shoulder, and he kissed the top of my head.


"Adorable!" Leigh Anne's voice said.


I looked up again and smiled at them, glad that someone finally loved me the way I loved them. "And now that's done..." Harry said, looking down at Jade, who was grinning up at him. Then, the two stepped forward, pulled their hands out from behind their backs, and dumped cans of green and purple paint over out heads. I screamed and sprinted down the hall, closely followed by Conor. We snatched cans of spray paint from the table at the end of the hall and as soon as Harry and Niall caught up we turned and sprayed them.


The rest of the girls and guys joined in and soon we were all a mess of paint and glitter (which Perrie had found on a back shelf). When we were completely out of supplies, we all sat down on the floor.


"That was awesome!" Niall laughed. We all nodded, tired and in euphoria.


"I have an idea! What if we all put out hand prints on the walls! Even if it's going to be painted over tomorrow, at least we'll still have left our mark here! Like our own little signature, so we can go back when we're famous and think, 'this is where it all began.'" Jade said, looking around.


"The only free space is up at the top, by the cieling." Ally said, looking at the ten feet of white wall on the fall wall.


"Not impossible!" Harry said. He got to his feet and dragged the table to the far wall, pushing it up against the wall. Then he grabbed Jade's hand and pulled her over. He wrapped his arms around her waist and helped her onto the table, keeping a steady hand on her back while she pressed her hand onto the wall. "Pass me a marker!" He said. Niall threw over a Sharpie. Jade took it and signed her name under her hand print. Next, she helped Harry up next to her, and he did the same. One by one we all got onto the table and signed our names by our handprints.


"I want a picture, so I can never forget this moment." Perrie said.


"Hold on a second!" Louis said excitedly. He ran off down the hall and came back a minute later with an old polaroid camera. "There's about twenty pictures left, so we can each have one." He said. "Who's going to take it?" We all looked around at each other and then Niall burst out the door.


"Excuse me, miss! Can you take a photograph for us quickly?" He asked a young woman standing on the sidewalk. She nodded and followed us inside, and Niall told her what to do and how the camera worked. She took a step back and we all got around the table, some of us standing on it or standing on the floor around it. The lady counted down from three and took the pictures for us, enough for each of us to get one. Niall thanked her and took the camera, setting the photos on the table to develope.


"We've got about ten left, what do you want to do with them?" Conor asked, leaning over my shoulder and looking at the camera I was holding. I smiled up at him and turned the camera around, clicking the button as I kissed him on the cheek. The picture came out and I set in on the table, smiling at Conor.


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